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  1. Generation Two
    Integra LS 1.8L Runs just fine for about 8 minutes then wants to die. Idle fluctuates between 800&200rpm. Ive replaced IACV, fast idle thermo valve, MAP sensor, cap & rotor, plugs & wires. Ive searched for vacuum leaks, nothing. No OBD1 codes-- so that why i dont think its sensor/computer...
  2. Generation Two
    Manuel; 92 intergra LS, 350k miles. RPM needle jumps around randomly while driving or idleing. Engine jerks and sputters, high and low power. Lasts about 5 minutes then evens out. I replaced my distributer cap & rotor & plugs. What could this be?
  3. Performance
    I have a video of when I do a cold start up my car idles from about 500 or less almost dies then goes to 1000 up and down. When I cold start it in the morning. Then it goes up to 1500 by itself not me pressing gas. then goes back to normal. Why is this? I have a 95 gsr B18C1
1-3 of 3 Results