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  1. Performance
    Ok, after long last and a litre of oil a week, I'm doing my engine rebuild. I have a 97' RS B18B1, and am looking into a few extra things to do what the title suggests. I'm building it as a daily that I can still rip around in, but am mostly focused on reliability over HP gains and that means...
  2. Want to Buy P72 HONDATA S300

    Wanted Section - Parts
    Looking to buy an already configured p72 hondata s300 for my recently blown up GSR. Hmu with what you are looking for in terms of an offer.
  3. Performance
    First post here. I am coming to ask the community because I need help with figuring something out. For background information I recently bought a Hondata S300 off of a guy on Facebook marketplace. Everything looked good until I was watching videos later and looked back at mine for reference. I...
  4. Audio, Security and Electrical
    This is long, I apologize. But I have a turbo b16a in a 00 gsr. I have a obd2 to obd1 jumper harness. So I hooked up the kit got the coil packs in (currently have bkr7 plugs in it) and I obd1 distributor that was wired to use an obd2 connector as that is what is on the cars harness...
  5. Performance
    1998 integra rs jdm front $5000 B16c5 98 spec comeplte swap ( jdm itr) 40000km $5500 -Engine block & head -5-Speed LSD Transmission (S80) - P73-013 -Exhaust manifold -Intake manifold -Axles with Intermediate shaft -Shifter Linkage -Engine Mounts -Distributor -Injectors -Throttle body...
1-5 of 5 Results