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  1. JDM conversion questions?

    Your Integra
    I have the USDM 99 LS Sedan and I wanted to do the JDM front swap but wanted to know if I would pass or fail inspection (in New Jersey) because I dont want to do the swap then not have my daily anymore because of it. I know that the JDM headlights are not DOT certified but is that enough to make...
  2. I received a B20B Swapped Integra and I have some questions.

    Generation Three
    First thing first, the timing belt cover has a gaping hole. I've read that all B series motor are similar externally so does that mean I can I just take a timing belt cover from any B series engine in the junkyard and use it as a replacement? Secondly, I live in California (yes yes...
  3. 96 dying

    Your Integra
    question so my 96 teg is having some issues rn and i can’t seem to figure it out so it won’t start up unless it’s jumped so i put a new alternator and a new battery and still nothing. but the thing is that when i jump it it will run fine in idle and surprisingly in reverse too but as soon as i...
  4. Coolant temp sensor plug and wire color

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    harness doesn’t have the plugs for the coolant temp, it was cut just needed the wire colors for the coolant temp and what the plug looks like, also I need to know where it goes
  5. Will a B18 manifold fit on my B16a2

    Forced Induction
    I was wondering if I could use a b18 turbo manifold on my B16
  6. smoking alternator

    Generation Three
    Hey guys, So in an attempt to restore my teg after letting it sit two years.....I bought a new battery and put it on. When I did, the battery light on the dash stayed on. It was really weird because even with the car on, it would still try to do the "beep beep beep" noises for when the key is...
  7. Rounded nut connecting brake line and strut.

    Suspension and Brakes
    Yeah so I made an account because this was making me mad. Need help on how to get this nut off (pause...).
  8. 94 LS Overheating issues

    Advanced Tech Corner
    Temps are high in Texas, (100+) on the highway headed home about a week ago my temp gauge was wayyyy hot, (2nd photo ) it never reached all the way red, but would get close, about 75% of the way. Bled the system incorrectly, but adding coolant helped a bit, temps held a bit longer but after a...