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  1. Generation Three
    I am going to be buying a third gen soon and I already know I barely have leg room in the car due to it having a slightly bigger aftermarket seat as well as me being 6’4. I was wondering what the best options are that will give me the most space and extra leg room, enough to have clearance under...
  2. Generation Two
    The cylinder walls look shiny almost like cylinder wear but my friend says it looks like it’s just deglazed, compression test is showing all cylinders at 200 so that’s good. But idk if my cylinders need to be rehoned?
  3. Generation Three
    i'm curios if anyone would know what's wrong.. her temperature gauge is resting more towards the middle than id like. we replaced the thermostat and the fan switch and cleaned the housing while we were at it. and the gauge still rests too hot in my opinion. I realize I've been stepping in her...
  4. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Probably the dumbest thing ever asked. (Like why would someone want to remove a beam right?) Anyway, but yeah, I'm asking beacsue I've looked at many videos and pictures and no one else seems to have this beam on their car. I'll try to put a diagram. It should be Number 1.
  5. Your Integra
    Hello everyone, can someone help me I need the part n5 for an B18b1 engine Do you know the name or how I can find that please
  6. Your Integra
    I have an 2001 Integra and i am now due for emissions and i get a code for high voltage. The code will come on with simply with the key on power mode and the car off the code pops up. I have an h22a swap and i am running a p75 ecu from a 97 Integra with an obd2b to a conversion harness, to...
  7. Advanced Tech Corner
    I have a 94 acura integra ls and my fuel rail leaks at the fuel pressure regulator and and when I look online I see nothing that looks like mine but to describe it is on the bolt the pressure regulator screws into there is a washer that’s on there first then a like wheel piece connected to a...
  8. Your Integra
    This 96 integra has been sitting for a few years. The battery is clearly shot. Wanted to know where I should start to get her running again in case the battery isn’t the only issue.
  9. Your Integra
    I have a bad metal spinning sound and i thought i was my front brake and rotors. So i changed them all. Still head it so i replaced the bracket and caliper and still heard it so i did the brake line. Its still there… any ideas. I try to get audio but my teggys kinda loud. Its like a rock...
  10. Generation Three
    1995 integra LS B18 non vtec .I may have made a mistake any help or criticism is accepted ... I installed Aem fuel rail sard regulator and grams fuel pressure gauge .rc 550 injectors Aem fuel pump (340lph). My issue is when I get into higher rpm car sputters and runs rough ..I am not sure if I...
  11. Your Integra
    A few months back I bought a 2000 Integra LS. Shell is in mint condition. But she’s an auto (for now) and has about 195k miles. Since I bought the car. When I’m cruising the car is quiet and fine. But when I lightly accelerate, or punch it to get on the highway. I hear a high pitched...
  12. Performance
    So i’m new to the car scene and If i wanted to turbocharge a stock integra ls what other parts would i need to change? it would be getting around 300hp and can you explain why if you can? i’m trying to learn and still don’t know to much
  13. Advanced Tech Corner
    So my teggy has the unfortunate habit of starting when it wants to. My theory is that due to some sub-par wiring done to add remote start, the fuel pump wire is somehow messing up, as the fuel pump rarely starts. I will be addressing the wiring issue, but if it's not that, do you folks know of...
  14. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hello I have a 1989 acura integra ls with a messed up popup headlight. Does anyone know how to replace these headlights? The left one doesnt come up anymore so is there any way i could manually put that headlight up and just not close them again until i could replace the whole thing? Links to...
  15. Generation Three
    Just i don’t know if this will make me look dumb, but i accidentally ordered an LS integra power steering line for my GSR and i wanted to know if there was a difference ? and if so, what makes them so different?
  16. Your Integra
    I have the USDM 99 LS Sedan and I wanted to do the JDM front swap but wanted to know if I would pass or fail inspection (in New Jersey) because I dont want to do the swap then not have my daily anymore because of it. I know that the JDM headlights are not DOT certified but is that enough to make...
  17. Generation Three
    First thing first, the timing belt cover has a gaping hole. I've read that all B series motor are similar externally so does that mean I can I just take a timing belt cover from any B series engine in the junkyard and use it as a replacement? Secondly, I live in California (yes yes...
  18. Your Integra
    question so my 96 teg is having some issues rn and i can’t seem to figure it out so it won’t start up unless it’s jumped so i put a new alternator and a new battery and still nothing. but the thing is that when i jump it it will run fine in idle and surprisingly in reverse too but as soon as i...
  19. Audio, Security and Electrical
    harness doesn’t have the plugs for the coolant temp, it was cut just needed the wire colors for the coolant temp and what the plug looks like, also I need to know where it goes
  20. Forced Induction
    I was wondering if I could use a b18 turbo manifold on my B16
1-20 of 23 Results