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  1. Generation Three
    Hey guys so recently I noticed that my 96 integra is leaking from the gas tank plug,does anyone know where I can get a replacement or how I can fix it ?
  2. Advanced Tech Corner
    I have an 00 acura integra, I am having a problem with my car leaking transmission fluid. I am very confused on where its leaking from I might have missed a few things, I will add pictures of where its leaking from. I also replaced the Shift shaft seal, Its still leaking I do not think its...
  3. Advanced Tech Corner
    So I have a 92 Da integra. My cv was making a popping noise which I decided I should probably replace it. I replaced the driver side cv axle and trying to get the last bit of the cv out was awful. Pryed on it for a long time with no luck. Ended up welding a piece to it and slide hammering it...
  4. Advanced Tech Corner
    I may be posting this in the wrong thread and if so I apologize. I have a 94 integra ls 5-speed, my block was screwed so I bought a full b18b1 pulled from an 99 auto integra, I swapped the flywheel, clutch, transmission. And throttle body. I dropped it in my teggy and I’m using the same wiring...
  5. Advanced Tech Corner
    Hi, I’m Corban I have a 1999 Integra LS B18B1. So what happened was I bought the car and it drove just fine I went too change the spark plugs and cylinder 2 has a helix coil in it with a much wider spark plug so I decided too swap the head entirely rather than redoing it. Bought a C1 head for it...
  6. Generation Two
    Help my car after a rainy night did not want to turn on for days. At first I noticed problems like my subwoofer would sometimes work like if it had a ground issue. Then I noticed my front left headlight doesn't work. My car would usually take only 5 minutes for the fuel pump to prime n it would...
  7. Generation Two
    Hi everyone. I was driving down the road a few weeks ago, and my 91 integra lost all power and died. I got a tow home because it wouldn't start, got the distributor cap off, and the rotor was destroyed. I have replaced the ignition coil, the igniter, the rotor, the distributor cap, and the...
  8. Suspension and Brakes
    Hey guys so I'm replacing my rear braking system In my car (due to wear). My 92 integra had drilled and slotted rotors all the way around, so I wanted to keep it all matching. When I went to order in some new rotors they recommend that I get upgraded calipers and brake pads Aswell. They told...
  9. Generation Three
    I’m replacing my wheel hub and tire, i started the car it shook for 10 seconds but both my check engine light and brake light came on. I just put brake fluid in it as well. When i push down on the brakes i hear air pushing out, any help ??
  10. Generation Three
    I’m finishing up the swap on my 96 integra but I’m running out of ideas. I swapped a running and driving b18 out of my parts car it’s cranking but not starting I have spark and fueling and my grounds are all connected but still nothing.
  11. Suspension and Brakes
    I have a 98 integra and when ever I'm braking over any kind of rough pavement it will begin to shudder and vibrate. Curious if anyone else has had this problem and how to fix. I'm assuming it's suspension but would like to hear anyones thoughts and experiences with this. Thanks alot again guys !
  12. Generation Two
    I'm new to the car scene and I got myself a 1993 Acura Integra (automatic) the only problem with it is that the transmission is messed up. I recently been looking for a transmission and found a b18a automatic transmission but my engine is a b18a1. Will i be able to use the transmission?
  13. Team Integra Project Cars
    Hey guys looking to find a wing like the Mugen gen 1 style for my 98 integra. Looking to see if anyone has ordered any of these wings from a website that's trusted. The ones I did find have mixed reviews of misaligned bolt holes and quality. Just looking for a trusted site to order the wing...
  14. Advanced Tech Corner
    I have a 2000 Acura Integra LS non-VTEC I recently had a valve adjustment and my intake timing was off a tooth was all fixed but still my car is trying misfire code P000 code for cylinder misfire and also a P1399 code My car is sluggish and takes forever accelerating I also noticed when I take...
  15. Generation Three
    This car has been sitting in the garage for about a decade. I decided to try and fix it up but this is my first time and I need some help. first, I was trying to siphon the old gas out of the car but I could t get the hose to the gas tank. Any tips on getting it all the way to the gas, or is...
  16. Team Integra Project Cars
    Hey guys just purchased a 92 Integra that's on cut springs. It's way way to low for my town atleast. I'm looking to get some Coilovers for it. My problem is I have no idea what to get. I want something that gives me a little bit more drop (then stock) but not drastic. I don't wanna be scraping...
1-16 of 16 Results