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  1. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Okay, I'm on my last straw with these headlights before I rewire the whole thing. Problem: When I bought the car several months ago, there were no issues with the headlights or turn signals. Then, the mounts broke on my cooler and it dropped. Ever since then, I've had a cascade of blown fuses...
  2. Wanted Section - Parts
    Does anybody has a good condition jdm one piece headlight for Acura Integra 1992 for sell? Thanks.
  3. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Hey ya'll new to the forum, and in desperate need of advice...nutshell: 1998 Integra LS, Stock 1.8 B18B1, Manual Transmission. So randomly one day a couple weeks ago my headlights seemed like they were dim, come to find out, it's only the driver side that's significantly more dim than the...
1-3 of 3 Results