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  1. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Probably the dumbest thing ever asked. (Like why would someone want to remove a beam right?) Anyway, but yeah, I'm asking beacsue I've looked at many videos and pictures and no one else seems to have this beam on their car. I'll try to put a diagram. It should be Number 1.
  2. Generation Three
    Hello, as the title states i am looking for aftermarket headers, and a Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter (if those exist). If they do not exist then a place i can buy new OEM style cats bc mine is absolutely trashed (200k miles). Furthermore, is there still a running and reputable website to buy...
  3. Forced Induction
    So I hit a bad pothole and broke my mid pipe and replace and put my exhaust system back, but the pipe that comes from headers is hanging low as seen in the picture.(wasn’t that low before, was normal height) I tried moving it even with a jack and getting exhaust hangers but it will not move. The...
1-3 of 3 Results