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  1. Head ticking when letting off throttle

    New Member Section
    I have a b20v with stock gsr head high compression bottom end and type r cams and noticed when letting off the gas there is a clicking noise in the head and sounds like something is jumping around in the head 3000-4000rpm, I went to a shop and they said the valve spring was cracked but the car...
  2. GSR Gear Noise at Low Speeds

    Generation Three
    Hey All, I have an 01 GSR w/ 80k miles that makes a noticeable gear whine in first and a more quiet whine in second. Barely can hear it in higher gears. I’ve read that this might be the input shaft bearing. I have minimal if any noise when the clutch is engaged in neutral. The whine continues...

    Generation Three
    I’m new to this forum stuff. but this is my first car and i want to learn how to fix some of the problems myself. but i don’t know where to start??? i have a power steering leak, ac leak, oil leak (can’t stop there can it?) valve seals need replacement, sun roof motor is messed up, my passenger...
  4. Just got my first Integra. What should be my first steps?

    Generation Three
    A little history: I was just gifted a 1996 Integra GSR Sedan with a 5-speed manual and I'm super excited to start working on it. I am the second owner. It has almost 162,000 miles. It was sitting for probably somewhere around 10-15 years, only being driven a few times a year to keep it alive...
  5. 2001 GSR

    2001 GSR

  6. HELLO FROM WISCONSIN! Re-Joining Member Seeking Other Members in the Area for an Integra Meet-Madison Wi

    New Member Section
    Sometime around 2006 or 2007 there was an all integra show put together on here and we all meet up at the park across from East Town Mall off East Washington Ave. We then cruised to Agriculture Drive and vicinity. We then stopped at my grandfathers shop which was not far from where we were. I...
  7. '98 Acura Integra GSR Turbo

  8. New Build Help

    Advanced Tech Corner
    Hello all, I have spent a long time combing through all the integra and honda forums that the internet has to offer to try to determine what the next step in my build should be. Currently I have a '95 GSR with "stage 2" internals a problem with the engine is that it burns a bit of oil, I'm not...
  9. 2000 jdm integra blueprint

    New Member Section
    hey guys, i really need some blueprints for a 2000 honda integra. i need it for a paint job.
  10. 2000 Integra GSR Bogging/Surging

    Hey everyone, I urge everyone who reads this to please read my very first post in the suspension/brakes section labeled "'98 Spec JDM ITR Brakes Locking Up" about my braking issue along with my about me in my profile to better understand the back story of this car. I'm going on 6 years of...
  11. '98 Spec JDM ITR Brakes Locking Up

    Suspension and Brakes
    Hi everyone! This is my very first post here on T-I. I've surfed some of the threads on here from time to time in the past and decided to sign up for my future endeavors with my 2000 Integra GSR! To give a little background on the car - I got the car almost 6 years ago as a trade when I traded...
  12. Engine bay, What do I need?

    Your Integra
    Hey guys I’ve bought a roller integra. I’m wanting to prep the engine bay and body for paint so I am stripping it down head to toe and removing everything. And yes I will be painting EVERYTHING (I know I don’t have to). My question is since I will be putting in either a b18c1 or possibly c5 what...
  13. Cold startup idle almost dies

    I have a video of when I do a cold start up my car idles from about 500 or less almost dies then goes to 1000 up and down. When I cold start it in the morning. Then it goes up to 1500 by itself not me pressing gas. then goes back to normal. Why is this? I have a 95 gsr B18C1
  14. Exhaust Issues

    Advanced Tech Corner
    I've got a 97 GS-R. I put on a Yonaka catback (from an ls. This is the issue) a while ago and have been running a 1320 UEL header with the telescopic test pipe. Fit up and worked out pretty good, I was told that a 4-2-1 header would be better to run. Also found out the UEL header can cause some...