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  1. Generation Three
    My LS recently broke what I'd assume was one of the original injectors, so I called up my O'Reilly guys to get me a replacement in (PN# FJ581). The one I received from them had a much different nozzle design (see picture) than the original, and what was advertised on the website (see picture). I...
  2. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I'm prepping a JDM B20 for a swap into my '00 LS and I've read 3 Google pages worth of forum threads on B20 swapping 'tegs and there seems to be the common side effect of having a lean condition when using the B18 intake manifold and fuel system (naturally, being set up for 1.8l vs 2.0l). My...
  3. Performance
    I have a 97 integra ls that’s currently w blown b18b1 but planning on swapping in a b18c1 from a 2000 gsr. I’m planning on then getting the go autoworks turbo kit w Garrett 50 trim turbo (GO-AUTOWORKS Street Turbo Kit Honda Civic Acura Integra Del Sol CRX D16 B16 B18) so I’ll be looking into...
1-3 of 3 Results