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  1. Generation Two
    So I came across this car when I was in a low spot and I just am getting better from my first real car accident and dream car/ build ruined. It’s 92 sedan and I’ll tell you what I’m not an expert but the guy before me did a pretty ****ty job swapping the engine lol. But I’ve been looking at...
  2. Your Integra
    Hello, so I'm new too the forum and I joined it for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Too see if you guys can help me with my issue. So I bought a 96 4D LS Integra a while back and I keep having the same issues with the exhaust. So I bought the car straight piped and I've been setting some money aside...
  3. Your Integra
    ive asked around in my friend group but no one has heard a sound like this apparently link to sound below help with integra ls exhaust sound
  4. Your Integra
    To give background I have a 99 LS 4dr. and the muffler rusted off so it’s removed now. Now I have a very loud rattle coming from another part of the exhaust. I know it’s not engine sound cause it happens at random. My question is that instead of getting a whole new exhaust is it possible to get...
  5. Advanced Tech Corner
    I've got a 97 GS-R. I put on a Yonaka catback (from an ls. This is the issue) a while ago and have been running a 1320 UEL header with the telescopic test pipe. Fit up and worked out pretty good, I was told that a 4-2-1 header would be better to run. Also found out the UEL header can cause some...
1-5 of 5 Results