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  1. Generation Three
    i'm converting my 99 auto integra to manual using parts from a totaled 98 manual integra. could i drop in the 98 ecu into the 99 with no problems?
  2. Performance
    I need a little help regarding ecu/hondata or other tuning applications. I’m at the point where I want to turbo my LS (cause why not), I understand the mechanics of the process but I’m not great with electronics and computers and all that. My general question is what do I need as far as ecu...
  3. Advanced Tech Corner
    I hope that this qualifies for the advanced tech area. A buddy of mine recently gave me his old OBD one ECU the problem is it is an auto ECU and my Integra is a manual. I would like to do the conversion so I can put in a tuner so my question was is it going to matter that it is an automatic and...
  4. Want to Buy P72 HONDATA S300

    Wanted Section - Parts
    Looking to buy an already configured p72 hondata s300 for my recently blown up GSR. Hmu with what you are looking for in terms of an offer.
  5. Forced Induction
    down the line i am planning on turboing but i understand that i’ll need to either go standalone or get a obd1 and chip it or get the hondata s300. what are the compatible obd1 ecus that will work with a 2001 integra gs (non vtec), i think p74 and p75 obd1 ecus would work but they are extremely...
  6. Audio, Security and Electrical
    so i have an integra and i was connecting all the wires to the ecu and noticed that there’s one connector port empty and so far there’s a blue connector and two gray connectors plugged in but one of the middle ones isn’t connected. my main question is do the wires leading out the firewall wrap...
  7. Generation Three
    I recently did an auto to manual swap on my teg and am now having idle issues because of the iac and of course a cel from the auto harness. I have a manual harness and ecu from a 96 ls. I've connected the harness and have noticed there's an extra connector by the distributor now, is that...
  8. For Sale Section - Parts
    Parts for Sale 1. Integra GS-R, ITR, B16 Crank Pulley (No Dampening/Balancing) - USED Price $70 (shipping included) Brand :Professional Product Powerforce Part No. 80052 2. Acura TL Emblem -NEW Price $15 (shipping included) Part No. 75701-TZ3-A02 3. 98 Accord...
    $99,999,999 USD
  9. Want to Buy ECU

    Wanted Section - Parts
    37820-P72-A03 GSR ECU
  10. Generation Three
    I know this has probably been asked a lot and I tried research but didn't find much. I have an 2000 gs, and I'm wanting to know if it's possible to tune with the stock ECU. Currently I just don't want to buy a standalone and stuff. I know it's hard to tune if your new but I'm just trying to add...
  11. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Anyone know if there still sell these capacitor or what voltage is the C16? My C16 capacitor got fried and want replace it.
  12. Generation Three
    I know this is a little strange but my DC2 has a obd0 b16a in it. The engine is about stock, and the only other mentionable mod is that it has the GSR trans. I bought it with a stock p28 ecu which is for a soh not a dual. This causes a few issues and I was wondering what the best ecu would be...
  13. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Hey all, I've pretty much sorted out all major issues with my car finally. However, while replacing my ignition switch, I noticed someone had installed an aftermarket security system in the car (Viper 300). Of course, since it had never caused me issues before, I simply removed it (as it was...
  14. Generation Three
    I’m swapping out my b18b1 for a b18c1 motor. The b18c1 motor is coming out of a 2000 gsr so it is obd2b, but I want it obd1. I found a P72 obd1 ecu that seems like it would fit perfect except for the fact that it keeps saying “JDM” on it. Since the b18c1 motor was made for USDM integras would it...
  15. Performance
    In the long run I’m planning on going turbo and I know that with that will come the need to tune the engine so fuel consumption and everything runs properly w it. Problem is I don’t really understand how tuning works so I’m planning on taking my teggy to a place to tune it when the time comes...
  16. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I have a 97 integra ls with a b18b1 motor that was recently blown. Looking for swaps and came across a good deal on a b18c1. Is there anything I would need to get as well as far as wiring and ecu goes to do this swap?
1-16 of 16 Results