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  1. Your Integra
    Here is my 96 dc4 I'm currently building. It's my daily but also weekend play toy. As of right now it's a budget build. B20v low compression. Ls trans, maxspeedingrods full body coilovers, mugen gen 1 rep just went on, type c front lip, 15x 6.5 slips. I'm old-school. 😆🤣 full interior with full...
  2. Wanted Section - Parts
    Hey so I'm looking for a new hood and front bumper for my 95 dc4 and have no idea where to look. Could someone help me out on where to look? or if someone one here has a spare lol
  3. Generation Three
    Hey so one day I woke up and tried to go to work. Started my car but couldn’t put it into gear. So I bought new space and master cylinder. And drained the fluid and when I did lost all pressure which I expected and I put the parts on and fluid in the reservoir but I can’t get it to bleed at...
  4. Wanted Section - Parts
    I’m looking for this spoiler, can’t find it anywhere and duraflex doesn’t seem to make it/ won’t respond about inquiries about it. Please help, if you can make it dm me.
1-4 of 4 Results