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  1. 91 da9

    91 da9

  2. B18A1 w/ERG or B18B1 Intake Manifold On JDM B20

    Generation Two
    I got a DB1 92 Integra is an automatic. I have a b20 high compression on b18a1 intake manifold with EGR valves but I want change the intake manifold to b18b1 95 Integra. I know it will fit but auto 90 - 93 Integra has EGR valve and 94+ doesn't. My concern will it work putting a...
  3. Brakes acting up

    Your Integra
    I have a 92 integra gs and I was parked yesterday and I pressed on the break a couple of times and then this came off and now the break is loose and isn’t working correctly. I can break but I have to push all the way down, hope the master cylinder is ok. I was looking for where it came from but...