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  1. Advanced Tech Corner
    I hope that this qualifies for the advanced tech area. A buddy of mine recently gave me his old OBD one ECU the problem is it is an auto ECU and my Integra is a manual. I would like to do the conversion so I can put in a tuner so my question was is it going to matter that it is an automatic and...
  2. Your Integra
    I have the USDM 99 LS Sedan and I wanted to do the JDM front swap but wanted to know if I would pass or fail inspection (in New Jersey) because I dont want to do the swap then not have my daily anymore because of it. I know that the JDM headlights are not DOT certified but is that enough to make...
  3. Appearance
    Just like the title says, I really like the style. I personally think the OEMs on the Integra is pretty boring, but definitely like the RSX tail lights. Can this be a conversion done, without crazy fabricating? I can get the tail lights pretty cheap, so I'm not worried about the cost of the...
1-3 of 3 Results