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  1. Generation Three
    If you had to choose a brand other than OEM dealer brand clutch master cylinder which would you choose?? Rock Auto lists Luk, Sachs, Centric, AMS, Valeo, Exedy, and Autozone sells a rebranded Bendix one. Are there other brands that are better than these but cost less than OEM dealer parts ??
  2. Generation Three
    After some detailed research finally got some answers. Its been very confusing from what I heard Bendix that makes rotors and pads got sold to someone and then the clutch master cylinder hydraulic parts got sold to Bosch ? At last though finally got Bosch agent to confirm that 13016 and 13090...
  3. Generation Three
    Anyone know how to buy Nissin brand clutch master cylinder without buying it in a Honda genuine bag? Like is there any way to bypass the dealer mark up get the master cylinder direct?
  4. Generation Three
    Does anyone know what brand clutch master cylinder came from factory on 3rd gens? Background: My clutch master seems have so leak under boot inside near firewall but not bad enough to leak all over the carpet and run down. Other tutorials say it the fluid in reservoir is dark then the seals...
1-4 of 4 Results