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  1. Generation Two
    Hi guys, hopefully someone can give me tips on doing a valve adjustment on a b20 swapped DA. So far I have the tool for adjusting and the feeler gauge, and valve specs for a b20. For rotating the engine to get tdc, do I rotate crankshaft pulley counter clock wise or clock wise? Also I’ve seen...
  2. Generation Three
    Hey guys, first time poster, hope you guys can help me out. My buddy bought a 98 LS Auto OBD2 with a blown engine that also came with a low mile JDM b20b spare. We just finished swapping the b20b + LS 5 speed gearbox in last night and took it for a test drive. The car seems to run decently...
  3. Generation Three
    Hello, good morning/evening. I've been having problems with my car these days and I haven't been able to resolve it. I don't know how to explain it. I recorded it and I just don't know what or why it does that. I'm lost of words and it's literally halting my progression on fixing the car...
  4. Performance
    Hi I just swapped a b20b vtec motor into my dc2 Integra. I’ve noticed some overheating issues and I’m wondering what aftermarket radiator will mount to the motor and fit in the integra. Or if I’ll have to do any fab work.
1-4 of 4 Results