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  1. Generation Three
    Noob question but do I need to port match a 66mm tb sk2 to skunk2 manifold? I heard the skunk2 manifold opening is only 64mm, will the 2mm make a difference?
  2. Generation Two
    I have a b20 swapped 1990 integra LS, but the head gasket just went out. my uncle is giving me a b16a head so i figured instead of just swapping the head gasket i would build a b20vtec. i know the b16a head is from (i believe) an obd2 JDM CTR, but i dont have a dizzy for it. i want to keep the...
  3. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I'm prepping a JDM B20 for a swap into my '00 LS and I've read 3 Google pages worth of forum threads on B20 swapping 'tegs and there seems to be the common side effect of having a lean condition when using the B18 intake manifold and fuel system (naturally, being set up for 1.8l vs 2.0l). My...
  4. New Member Section
    I have a b20v with stock gsr head high compression bottom end and type r cams and noticed when letting off the gas there is a clicking noise in the head and sounds like something is jumping around in the head 3000-4000rpm, I went to a shop and they said the valve spring was cracked but the car...
1-4 of 4 Results