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  1. Will a JDM ecu fit a b18c1 motor?

    Generation Three
    I’m swapping out my b18b1 for a b18c1 motor. The b18c1 motor is coming out of a 2000 gsr so it is obd2b, but I want it obd1. I found a P72 obd1 ecu that seems like it would fit perfect except for the fact that it keeps saying “JDM” on it. Since the b18c1 motor was made for USDM integras would it...
  2. How should I prep for a boosted b18c1?

    I have a 97 integra ls that’s currently w blown b18b1 but planning on swapping in a b18c1 from a 2000 gsr. I’m planning on then getting the go autoworks turbo kit w Garrett 50 trim turbo (GO-AUTOWORKS Street Turbo Kit Honda Civic Acura Integra Del Sol CRX D16 B16 B18) so I’ll be looking into...
  3. HELLO FROM WISCONSIN! Re-Joining Member Seeking Other Members in the Area for an Integra Meet-Madison Wi

    New Member Section
    Sometime around 2006 or 2007 there was an all integra show put together on here and we all meet up at the park across from East Town Mall off East Washington Ave. We then cruised to Agriculture Drive and vicinity. We then stopped at my grandfathers shop which was not far from where we were. I...
  4. New Build Help

    Advanced Tech Corner
    Hello all, I have spent a long time combing through all the integra and honda forums that the internet has to offer to try to determine what the next step in my build should be. Currently I have a '95 GSR with "stage 2" internals a problem with the engine is that it burns a bit of oil, I'm not...
  5. B18C SiR-G swap help

    Advanced Tech Corner
    Hey there, this is my first post ever in the community. So my intentions for my 2000 Acura Integra RS is to have completely stock GSR internals. I've come across a JDM B18C being sold for a really good price. It's the entire swap being sold to me. Long block, transmission, ECU, etc. I'm planning...