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  1. Injectors getting constant power to ground??

    Team Integra Project Cars
    Hey y’all, I just put a b18b1 in my 94 civic. It runs on starter fluid but not on its own power, I got it to run for like at least 5 seconds on fuel but then it died. I was like huh, that’s not normal lmao. So I did a voltage test to each injector and found that my ground wires are getting power...
  2. What do I need for b18b1 to b18c1 swap?

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I have a 97 integra ls with a b18b1 motor that was recently blown. Looking for swaps and came across a good deal on a b18c1. Is there anything I would need to get as well as far as wiring and ecu goes to do this swap?
  3. B18B1 to B18C5 98 spec complete swap on 1998 integra rs

    Generation Three
    Hi guys! This is my first car, I currently have the stock b18b1 in right now. I am getting b18c5 98+ spec complete swap which includes JDM ACURA INTEGRA Type-R (DC2) 98+ Spec -B18C Type-R Complete swap Engine includes: -Engine block & head -5-Speed LSD Transmission (S80) -Exhaust manifold...
  4. Integta b18 first gear problem

    Your Integra
    I have a integra 2001 B18B1 LS (non vtec) the car is drivable but the problem is in first gear my car doesnt want to go as a normal speed would on first gear i already changed the spark plugs (on cylinder 1 it had oil on it) but when i hit on the clutch and accelerate to 1st gear it moves...
  5. PCV delete Questions

    Generation Three
    Hello everyone, first i want to start off with that fact that I am not an expert and i wont pretend to know everything about this car. I have a 1999 LS integra DC4. Its a b18b1 paired to an S4XA, i bought it a little over a year ago and had the engine rebuilt as well as the transmission. I...
  6. B18B1 N/A Horsepower Gains

    I just picked up a 1995 LS that I intend to upgrade. I am really just using this vehicle as a daily driver, so focusing on suspension, handling etc. That being said I'm interested in getting some performance improvements from my engine while keeping it naturally aspirated (no turbo, no super)...
  7. B18A1 w/ERG or B18B1 Intake Manifold On JDM B20

    Generation Two
    I got a DB1 92 Integra is an automatic. I have a b20 high compression on b18a1 intake manifold with EGR valves but I want change the intake manifold to b18b1 95 Integra. I know it will fit but auto 90 - 93 Integra has EGR valve and 94+ doesn't. My concern will it work putting a...
  8. B18B1 ODB1 PCV Valve Question

    Generation Three
    Hi everyone, I have a 1995 Acura Integra LS 4 door which has a B18B1 ODB1 engine. I'm attempting to replace my PCV Valve which according to the diagram below is #8. Which in the engine bay for my engine type looks like: However, when I pulled it apart, it looked nothing like the L-shaped PCV...