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  1. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I've got a 1998 Integra LS DC4 manual with 242K miles. I've done the schefuled maintenance every 30k miles. Am doing the 240K now which is a repeat of the 60k includes timing belt, water pump. Belt changed, and put new harmonic balancer, guide plate. Set timing. Starts up but belt loose...
  2. Performance
    Ok, after long last and a litre of oil a week, I'm doing my engine rebuild. I have a 97' RS B18B1, and am looking into a few extra things to do what the title suggests. I'm building it as a daily that I can still rip around in, but am mostly focused on reliability over HP gains and that means...
  3. Generation Three
    Hey whatsup guys. I have a stock b18b1 with 178k miles on it. I wanna rebuild it and get it turbo ready. Can you guys give me information on what parts I should get too rebuild the engine and get it turbo ready thx.
  4. Generation Three
    I'm looking for a rebuild kit for my 97' Anniversary Edition (RS) which has a B18B1. I'm just wondering how much I should spend on a rebuild kit on eBay or elsewhere. It's got 276,000 km on it and absolutely drinks oil, talking about a liter a week at least. It has perfect compression so it's...
  5. Your Integra
    So I’m getting ready to create my Turbo VTec, b18b block with a b18c1 head with type R cams I have everything for the head, so that’s fine but I need suggestions and help finding what I’m missing for my block I have a b18b block that burns oil like crazy, I’m using this motor to rebuild...
  6. Generation Three
    Okay this is my first post but i have read alot of the info yall have compiled here and i am truly grateful ... in my 98 4dr integra , its all factory original. from the radio and owners manuel to the sterring wheel and tint(lack there of) it has no mods what so ever and only in the past 6...
1-6 of 6 Results