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  1. Audio, Security and Electrical
    so i recently bought a shell that’s a ‘96 with obdll and i was wondering if i can use the 1996 ecu on a b18a1 or will i have problems?
  2. Generation Two
    I am working on buying a 91’ ls hatch with 330,000 miles on it from a coworker and I am wondering how I should go about rebuilding the engine. Not sure if I should try and chase higher n/a hp, just do a basic refresh on the motor, or if a basic refresh is out of the picture with how high the...
  3. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hello, this is my first post on team-integra. I was hoping to get some input on the situation I'm in. The 1st da pictured is my rhd shell.(1993) The 2nd da is a has a b18a1 and a 5spd but makes some engine noise in the valve train.(1990) The 3rd is my 1998 crv I got a couple weeks ago and was...
  4. New Member Section
    Hello people. I'm here to learn everything about my little integra. I've already learned alot when replacing small dry rotted items and more is to come for sure.
1-4 of 4 Results