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  1. remote start

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    So I'm new to the group and the field I've done motor swaps in my crv and my acura so I have general mechanics down it's a giant adult lego. My question is I want to do a remote start system to my DC 97. I have found the lock and unlock wires and wired that function in. Is there a tutorial or a...
  2. Auto to manual axles

    Generation Three
    I was wondering if you could use auto axles on manual tranny, I’ve seen threads on this and I also seen people saying different things, I just wanted to clarify, because I want to keep my ABS. Thanks!
  3. AT Trans Issue

    Your Integra
    So I did a drain and fill on my teggy about a month ago with the new dw1 trans fluid and right after that my transmission developed a hum.few weeks later I lost shifting and eventually reverse and drive. I read to do a 3x3x3 drain and fill and that actually gave me my gears back.i resorted to...