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  1. Your Integra
    My 1998 integra is manual swapped and I wanted to put in a manual brake pedal. So my car is still running the automatic brake and gas pedal assembly. I just put in a brake pedal from a 97 civic and everything fits but the rubber thing doesn’t line up with the brake switch. Does anyone know if...
  2. Generation Three
    i'm converting my 99 auto integra to manual using parts from a totaled 98 manual integra. could i drop in the 98 ecu into the 99 with no problems?
  3. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    i'm doing a manual transmission swap on my integra in april, and i've heard that the most tedious part is swapping the pedals, so i figured i'll get that out of the way now. which bolts do i need to take out to swap the pedals? is there any pictures? or is it easy enough that i could just go in...
  4. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hello everyone i am new to the integra forums and i have a question. I recently just manual swapped my 95 integra se 4dr and the car doesn’t prime the fuel pump or spark it WILL crank but thats about all. Now I've been checking grounds for about 3 days and I'm still stuck. The car would run...
  5. Generation Three
    Hey guys, first time poster, hope you guys can help me out. My buddy bought a 98 LS Auto OBD2 with a blown engine that also came with a low mile JDM b20b spare. We just finished swapping the b20b + LS 5 speed gearbox in last night and took it for a test drive. The car seems to run decently...
  6. Generation Three
    I recently did an auto to manual swap on my teg and am now having idle issues because of the iac and of course a cel from the auto harness. I have a manual harness and ecu from a 96 ls. I've connected the harness and have noticed there's an extra connector by the distributor now, is that...
1-6 of 6 Results