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  1. Appearance
    Found some Honda badges I wanna put on my teg, was wondering if they have to be a certain size for it? For the front and back, or if any badges will work.
  2. Your Integra
    I also have some thing similar but mine wont go all the way in to any gear or neutral. so i have a 1997 Acura Integra Grs turbo and I can slip it into 3rd only if the car is off. Start the car and it wants to slip out when I let the clutch out. if I hold it in the car will move, but here's the...
  3. Appearance
    I’ve been looking to get Honda badges for my 1998 integra. If done some research and it seems the 93 accord and 98 civic badges will fit right onto the rear trunk of the integra. But what about the front? Does anybody know what Honda badges would fit on the front and back guaranteed? I have a...
  4. Your Integra
    I have a bad metal spinning sound and i thought i was my front brake and rotors. So i changed them all. Still head it so i replaced the bracket and caliper and still heard it so i did the brake line. Its still there… any ideas. I try to get audio but my teggys kinda loud. Its like a rock...
  5. Performance
    I recently bought a 1995 4-door Acura integra with a B20b swap. The car had a sputtering issue (started with replacing the fuel filter and replaced the fuel pump + fuel pump relay) which ended up running fine. A couple of hours later, the car shut off while slowing down to park in a parking...
  6. Appearance
    Recently bought a 2000 acura integra with 97k mileage non vtec, im looking to replace bumpers , fenders, headlight etc, any good websites anyone can recommend me?
  7. Generation One
    Need helping bringing my Integra to life. I know nothing about mechanics and I am trying to get more into it with my Teggy.
  8. New Member Section
    Sometime around 2006 or 2007 there was an all integra show put together on here and we all meet up at the park across from East Town Mall off East Washington Ave. We then cruised to Agriculture Drive and vicinity. We then stopped at my grandfathers shop which was not far from where we were. I...
  9. New Member Section
    Hello people. I'm here to learn everything about my little integra. I've already learned alot when replacing small dry rotted items and more is to come for sure.
1-14 of 14 Results