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General Information

World Rally Blue Pearl
Bought the car from auction to serve as a winter beater.

Came with a terrible "custom" paint job, M3 mirrors and the lot.

Cleaned it up, resprayed it, applied some wheels and some stance and drove it for a summer.

Now it's under the knife getting some real upgrades.
2001 Acura Integra (World Rally Blue Pearl)


Some generic ebay 4-2-1 header and a magnaflow cat-back exhaust, random short ram intake and some energy suspension torque mount inserts.

More to come after the build.
Pretty much standard.

Tan leather, brown everything else. Really classy... er wait, I meant, fugly.

Begrudgingly switched driver's seat to a DelSol seat because of head room issues, carbon wrapped the gauge cluster and the shifter gate. Various shift knobs, various shifter extenders, nothing else has changed.
Car was originally black. Someone tried to customize it by misting a layer of gold flake atop the black, but failed miserably. Car was either green, brown or gold depending on the light, and VERY cloudy or blotchy. M3 mirrors with defunct. LED's, black housing signal lights all faded to "F" and steel wheels. Classy.

Took the car home, started on body and paint same day. Removed everything, fixed everything I found, scuffed it down and threw some mud at it. Car didn't need any metal work, so that was a plus. Underneath is in exceptional condition, no rust to speak of.

Opted for some new clear signal lights, buffed the hell out of the headlights, applied the luster to it and voila, a car you can get around in.

Nothing else too crazy here, opted for some PIAA lookers and a mild stance adjustment. Just clean and wax after that.... and wax and wax and wax...

Under the knife currently, as you can see from the wheel pics. Entire front clip is AWOL, have an JDM front clip going on whenever I get off my lazy ass and actually do it. Optional honda side skirts going on with the matching rear bumper spats, thinking about ditching the spoiler completely... Either that or going full monty with a Mugen Gen. 2... Time will tell.
I did have a 10" in a sealed box, 400 watt amp, but none of that matters now as it's all been removed.
Skunk 2 lowering springs in the front only

What...? LOL

More to come after the build.
Wheel and Tire
Discontinued 17" wheels that I can't be bothered to look up again and the cheapest 205/40/17's that money could buy.

I have several different sets of wheels and tires, so I'm moving to 205/50/15's on my JDM Final Speed Eraser's with custom finish.



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