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Bought it from second owner who bought it after it was a year old. He took amazing care of the car. Had 108,000 miles when I picked it up. Had all records of service and work done to car and did a great job keeping it in good condition. It has a few mods but not performance parts. Has a nice aluminum radiator, Type R wing, sub, a shift knob and aftermarket rims. But besides that it is all factory. Wanting to put a stock shift knob and the GSR blades back on car with some light modding in the future. Car hase never been in a wreck and is pretty much dent free with no rust. Love how this thing drives. I have had about 25 cars in my life but this is probably my favorite one. Just want to keep it clean and in good shape. Hope I have this for a long time.
2001 Acura Ingetra (Silver)


All stock for now with a full aluminum radiator. Plan on doing a full header back system, something quiet though. For intake I might do a skunk 2 intake manifold with a factory type R intake and delete of the resonator below it with a drop in aftermarket filter. Going to get a 94 P72 ECU so can delete the cat and might run Hondata S300 with skunk stage 1 cams and a tune. For transmission I am still up in the air on that too. Kinda want an ITR transmission swap but might do a factory LSD swap and 4.9 final drive in the stock transmission. Don't want to spend too much on motor as I might do an H2B swap later and use the stock motor in a civic.
Aftermarket shifter knob and a sub. Will be replacing shifter and bushings with a Skunk 2 duel bend and some energy suspension bushings and later buying a stock shifter knob.
Aftermarket rims
Stock tape deck and CD with an added 10" sub. Not sure it I am going to replace radio or not yet.
Stock for now. Will be doing some mods later. Pretty much every thing is getting replaced but it will be a mild build. Planning on factory trye R springs with koni yellow shocks, billet control arms front and rear with strut bars and chassis bracing. Brakes are not decided on yet. Thinking of doing budget big brake front and back but might go full 5 lug type R. Will be doing stiffer motor mounts and a traction bar so the front dose not hop on hard launches.
Wheel and Tire
195-55-15 with aftermarket rims. Keeping 15 rim but either going factory blades or aftermarket rim on a 205-50r15 tire.



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