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General Information

Integra Sedan
Pearl Mica, aka green
GS (leather, alloys, spoiler)
Owner #1, high-styling pretty blonde storefront designer. Purchased because she liked the looks, leather and stick shift. Maintained regularly, driven with a bit less care, as evidenced by banged up front bumper assy and four bent wheels.

Leather re-stitched at 120k miles
Front brakes at 140k
Clutch at 155k
Timing belt done late at 160k

I acquired circa late 2011, with 167k on the odo and a dead driver's side power window

167k: Driver's side power window (paid a mechanic to do this one)
New tires, replace the worst of the bent wheels. Gradually replaced 3 of four, the final one's bend isn't enough to detect while driving.
170K front and rear brakes, done due to warped rotors, DIY
175k all four rotors warped again. What am I doing wrong?. Paid to have them pulled and turned.
185K acquired torque wrench to remediate warped rotors
186k front rotors warped. I've never warped a rotor in my life until now. Either I'm doing something wrong, or something else is amiss that leads to this problem. Pulled them, got them turned, re-installed. Trouble free for a while.
185K Radiator - Mac's radiator charged less to install it than they wanted for the rad, so this was not DIY.
From 180k to 210K, struggled to find and re-seal all the small leaks in the body seams. Finally I have a dry trunk. Est: 200-300 hours of DIY.

205k-210k overall refurbishment:
- New headlamp assemblies (pair for $200 from Amazon seller!). Easy 3 hour job with wife.
- Swapped out banged up front bumper with new aftermarket with fresh clear-coated green metallic paint. Gorgeous. Took a few weeks to ID all the required Acura plastic snap fasteners.
- Previously dry engine now coated in oil. New VC gasket, oil pan gasket, cam plug. DIY in about 4 hours including pulling/replacing exhaust pipe and putting new gaskets in the exhaust.
- Radio quit. It was aftermarket, found same model on ebay for $15. 5 minute replacement.
- Re-blacked windshield wipers and rear window trim. Makes a nice difference, no longer looks "worn".

Still ahead: full exterior detail.
1998 Integra Integra Sedan (Pearl Mica, aka green)


Bone stock
Boringly stock
Boringly stock
Previous owner installed a Pioneer head unit, Polk Audio 6X9s in deck shelf, and 2 X 8" kicker subs with 300W amp in trunk. I play music, need the trunk and fold-down seat to shove gear in, so I sadly sacrificed the subs and amp.
Bone stock...and original at 210k miles, amazingly tight. Out-handles many new cars.
Wheel and Tire
Falken Ziexx ZE-912, 205/50-15 on Acura alloys.



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