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Thunder Gray Metallic
Bought by my dad for his then girlfriend back in 1996, the car is older than me by 4 years. Anyway, after my dad met my mom they got the car back from my dad's ex, and it became my mom's after my dad saw she needed a car. Long story short, 17 years later, and over 250,000 miles, and 1 transmission, she stopped working altogether. Sat in my back yard for a couple years, until it was time for me to get my driver's license. So me and my dad tried to figure out why the car stopped working, we checked the fuses, filled it up, checked the fluids, checked the battery, even bought a new main relay! Just turns out the fuel pump went bad! -____- Anyway, the car sat back their for a good 3 years, and it started up like nothing once the new fuel pump was put in. I always thought that driving a Honda would be a lame experience due to how it's usually treated in the car community..... boy was I wrong! I wouldn't trade my teggy for no other car made in the 90's! (maybe for an 94 NSX though :D) I remember the first day I drove it, Ive never driven a car with so much spirit in it! (Although I've only driven a 2007 Ford Edge, 2009 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2012-2016 F150's Limited/ Platinum w/ 3.5L Ecoboost, 2013 Ford Escape w/ Ecoboost, 2012 Ford Fusion, 2011 Acura MDX, however none of these compare to the experience you get from driving a teg!)
1994 Acura Integra (Thunder Gray Metallic)


*Icebox mod coming very soon
-4-1 headers
-High flow cat
-catback exhaust from DPT Motorsports (silencer has been removed)
-Door panels off eBay, need some new ones though still
-Clear turn signals
-Black Euro style headlights
-Cleaned up headlights with restoration kit
-My exhaust :D
-AUX cable xD
Wheel and Tire
*New 15 inch GSR tires and machined aluminum wheels to come.....



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