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General Information

Integra GS
Clover Green Pearl
GS/VTEC - JDM SIR-G Automatic
I bought this vehicle brand new from Criswell Acura. The next day I was already modifying it. This vehicle have won allot of show event's up and down the East Coast. This vehicle also been at ImportFest at the Roger Stadium in Toronto, Canada of 2004.
1999 Acura Integra GS (Clover Green Pearl)


Fully Built motor (GS/VTEC)

PR3-3 VTEC head
Head Milled 0.010
(3) Angle Valve Job
Port & Polish Head
ARP LS/VTEC Head Studs
JDM Honda Integra Type R Exhaust Inner and Outer Valve Springs
JDM Honda Integra Type R Intake Inner and outer Valve Springs
OEM Honda Integra Type R Retainers
JDM Honda Civic Type R Intake / Exhaust Camshaft
JDM Toda Adjustable Cam Gears
Science of Speed VTEC LMA Kit w/Keeper
OEM Acura Integra Type R Camshaft Bolts
KMS Engineering Development Exhaust Silicon Bronze Valve Guides (same as SuperTech)
KMS Engineering Development Intake Silicon Bronze Valve Guides (Same as SuperTech)
FelPro Acura Integra Type R Exhaust and Intake Valve Stem Seal
Underground Racing Exhaust Valves (Same as Skunk2)
Underground Racing Intake Valves (Same as Skunk2)
Golden Eagle LS/VTEC Full Conversion Kit (81mm/81.75mm headgasket)

B18B1 Block
Engine block bore and hone cylinder
OEM Acura Integra Type R Piston Over Size 81.25mm
OEM Acura Integra B18B1 rods shot peened
ARP Rod Bolts
Balance OEM B18B1 Crankshaft
OEM Acura Integra Type R Oil Pan Gasket
OEM Acura Integra Type R Oil Pump

JDM Honda Integra SIR-G Automatic S4XA Hydraulic (Primed/Spray painted)
Fluidyne Transmission Oil Cooler
ITR axles

Air/Cooler, Fuel, Intake/Exhaust and Ignition/Timing
B16 Intake Mainfold (Planing to go JDM Toda ITBs)
JDM Honda Civic B16 Automatic ECU (P30) Chipped by Xenocron
Custom ECU OBD2 to OBD1 Harness
Tuned on Neptune
OBD2 Vtec Dizzy
OEM Acura Integra Type R Timing Belt
OEM Acura Integra Type R Timing Belt Tensioner
OEM Acura Integra Type R Water Pump
AEM Short Ram Intake
RC 310cc Injectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Apexi VTEC Air Fuel Controller
AEM Wideband
AEM Fuel Ratio Guage
AEM Fuel Rail,
AEM Press Regulator
AEM Fuel Filter
B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
Fluidyne Radiator
Fluidyne Radiator cap
JDM - Honda Integra Type R 4-1 SS Header
JDM – Honda Integra Type R Header Brace
Magnaflow Universal Spun Catalytic Converter 53956, 2.50" inlet/8.0" outlet
(2) Magnaflow (Vibrant?) Resonator 2.5" inlet/outlet x 18" long (T304 Stainless Steel)
Magnaflow Muffler
Custom Exhaust Piping
Custom Exhaust Hanger
NGK Sparkplugs wires
NGK Plat. Sparkplugs
Nitrous Express w/purge kit

Braided Stainless Transmission Line with Blue Fitting
Braided Power Steering Hose with Blue fitting
Braided Stainless A/C Lines with Blue Fitting
Russell ProFlex Stainless Steel Brake Hose
Aftermarket Power Steering Tank
Aftermarket Coolant Reservoir Tank
OEM Gen2 Integra Hood Latch Cable
Shaved and Painted Engine Bay
Full Wire Tuck
Powder Coated Valve Cover
Skunk2 Battery Tie
Autopower 4 point roll bar powder coated.
AEM wideband with gauge.
AEM oil pressure gauge.
Dual cluster guage pods bezel.
Apexi VAFC controller.
JDM SIR-G front end.
JDM SIR-G orange side markers.
JDM ITR front lip.
JDM SIR-G headlight painted black.
TSX projectors with D2S HIDs.
OEM Optional lip kit.
OEM ITR rear spoiler.
3M Window green tint film 35% even the front windshield have 50%.
Shaved front H (Honda) hood emblem.
Alpine DVD HU.
7.5" TV screen.
(2) Memphis speakers 6.5" Carbon Fiber for the front
(2) tweeters.
(2) Memphis crossovers.
(2) Orion 6.5" speakers for the rear
(1) Orion amplifier.
OEM Honda S2000 radio antenna.
Eibach Sportline will be replace with Tein coilovers.
Toxico Illumina 5 way adjustable struts
JDM ITR 23mm rear sway bar.
OEM ITR front upper strut brace.
Skunk2 front camber kit.
Custom full race ITR 5 lug conversion with ball bearing bushing (Came from Ben Schaeffer SCCA #33 Integra Type R).
Wheel and Tire
JDM SSR (Speed Star Racing) Type C. 17x7.5 (show/track).
OEM ITR wheels 15" powder coated (spring/summer).
OEM Accord 15" (fall/winter rims).
JDM Mugen-Power front and rear ITR rotors
Akebono front and rear brake pads



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