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General Information

Flat Black
Limited Edition
Purchased on Jan 10, 2010 with 199,456 miles on it; has over 240k. 5 previous owners; one unauthorized; the last owner didn't register it with the state. After a huge legal ordeal, the title was granted to me on Sept 7, 2010. I had a fight for this car before I could properly own it.

Clutch disc and pressure plate replaced. CV joints replaced, slave cylinder replaced, brake cylinder replaced with brake flush done. I always use synthetic engine oil. I sea-foam'd it when I first got it; tons of stinky & dark exhaust & changed out the tranny oil. Shifter bushings replaced (Energy Suspension) on 11/20/10. Front brake disks and pads replaced. Replaced the VC gasket (11/14/10) & camshaft seal. Replaced starter (11/2010) Rear brake calipers replaced (6/22/13). Pulled a dent on the passenger side fender. Ignition starter switch replaced (8/20/12).

I suspect the original motor blew up or something. It's been in two wrecks; at the rear & driver's side before I got it.
1996 Acura Integra (Flat Black)


OBD2 B18A1 (replaced original; numbers match a '93), custom short-ram intake. I put magnets on the fuel line to test for a mpg increase, but there's no evidence to show that it's beneficial. No more magnets (except on the oil filter & magnetic drain plug). Leaky p/s fixed. Skunk2 camshaft seal (I know whooptie-doo, but I wanted aluminum & not plastic).

I have aftermarket exhaust headers waiting to be installed and fitted; there's a bit of cutting and welding needed.

The exhaust sounds awesome; much more like a V8, not a miniature dog breed growl or an old man ripping off farts. It's nice & quiet if I don't rev it and at idle. Bucky's Muffler in Kent, WA did awesome. I think it's 2.5" or 3.0" dia from cat to muff. I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw it.
Tan interior; black is too hot in the summer. Removed back seats, plastic behind seats, cargo area has no lining or noise dampening. There's some unknown brand chrome shifter knob. New front seats coming b/c stocks are too worn. Back seats back in for passenger b/c my car is more reliable than one just 5 years old.
Custom exhaust & custom paint (e.g. Rustoleum professional flat black). I also cut out pieces of plastic from the front bumper. Rear wiper delete. Antenna delete. P/S delete. Clear turn signal housings (w/ amber bulbs).
I have a head unit but I don't use it and there are no speakers since they all blew; I haven't had the time to change them. The exhaust is my entertainment.
Stock. Energy Suspension bushings coming.
Wheel and Tire
17" LDR white rims with "high performance" all-season z rated tires. They are slightly lighter than stock. I still have stock snowflakes with incredible BF Goodrich tires; excellent traction & better than the "high performance" tires. They're very quiet too.



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