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General Information

Integra gsr
Paradise blue green pearl
Whistler rims truhart coilovers ingein intake dc sports fatback 2.5 exhaust
1st owner woman garage kept for 20 years and serviced regularly at dealership 2nd owner drove for 2 years and parked it sold it to me. I've replaced the timing belt,water pump,valve cover gasket,vtec gasket and spool valve gasket,distributor seal,all the motor and trans mounts,added dc sports 2.5 cat back exhaust. Getting ready to start building and prepping for turbo
Super clean gsr for its age still cleaning it up and doing some general maintenance while ordering parts. Already have skunk2 stage 2 cams with alpha series valve springs and retainers also springs for rocker arms next is valves and valve stem seals,arp head studs,havent decided on which rods and pistons yet but I plan to bump up the compression maybe re sleeve the head and re balance the crank and replace bearings and upgrade the oil pump. Also plan to swap out the trim inside to the carbon fiber either wrapping or buy the itr trim going to try the wrap first. Also going change the wing to a itr wing. Fix a couple dents and re spray to original blue green pearl it's all a process might be done in a year or so.