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  1. ASR 32mm Hollow Rear Sway Bar

    Suspension and Brakes
    What do you have currently? What are your goals? What's your experience?
  2. High NO at 15mph - everything else is very good

    Generation Three
    Run the car HARD before the next test. Make sure it's done at least 2 radiator fan cycles. Unless it's been in closed loop for at least 20 minutes I wouldn't expect to pass.
  3. Car heavy backfire

    Check the o-ring on the MAP sensor. On my DB8 I had one go missing and the car was backfiring like mad, as @ILxIntegra can attest to, on a trip down to NC.
  4. How hard is it to perform a Transmission swap

    Generation Two
    I don't, but I bet with some googling you can find a howto for a DA9.
  5. Smoking after head gasket change?? Please Help..

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Chill out dude. You picked one of the lowest traffic weeks of the year to post. White smoke can be a few things. How's your oil level? When you did the HG, how did you reset the timing? How did you go about cleaning the oil and coolant systems after they mixed?
  6. How hard is it to perform a Transmission swap

    Generation Two
    It's not too bad. I've done transmissions on Civic and Integras about a dozen times. It's easier to do if you have an engine support bar to keep the engine in place while you pull the axles and mount off the transmission side. Be extra careful when putting the new one back on, as misalignment...
  7. dpaton's 2001 DB8 - p41: RIP DB8

    Your Integra
    As a final adieu to my DB8, @ILxIntegra and I found it on Craigslist as a partout up in Wisconsin. The drivetrain had already been sold, but I was really only there to get my fat fives back. I also made a deal for the rear disc setup for my CRX. The car was never going to be drivable after the...
  8. 2000 4dr GSR

    Your Integra
    I miss mine badly. Nice job getting yours back!
  9. Temperature gauge never moves above 25%

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    ^ This man is offering good advice.
  10. Another rattle can paint job

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Are you going to black out the grill like it was from the factory?
  11. 99 Integra Manual tranmission wont shift into anything but 4th and 5th

    Generation Three
    Low/no trans fluid can cause all kinds of weird stuff. It almost sounds like it could be clutch related. Do you drive the car hard? How many miles? What trim level? What maintenance has been done and when? The more you tell us, the more we can help you help yourself.
  12. 97 GSR ABS issue

    Suspension and Brakes
    A little searching would have brought you back here: 81 is an ABS function error. ABS computer or pump is the usual culprit.
  13. Wilwood brakes vs OEM wheels.

    Generation Three
    That looks close enough you may way to be careful. Any use on track or autocross can flex those wheels a couple of mm at times, and may cause contact. You might want tot look into some 3mm wheel spacers.
  14. danteisme's 1996 DB8-Found and Rebuild Thread

    Your Integra Don't put WD40 on brakes. Aside from being flammable, it's not a nice thing for the bedding compounds on pads. Brake discs are cast iron. The only way to keep them from rusting is to drive, or pull them off and pack them in oil or cosmoline.
  15. Engine family/test group ?

    Generation Three
    Sounds like you're in California right? Ask the Ref > Home
  16. Engine family/test group ?

    Generation Three
    You might try calling the REF. They know what's right and have the list of swappables.
  17. Merchandise

    Your Integra
    I get custom work from Overnight Decals from Japan (ODFJ Decals) Rob can make anything, and his prices are fair. His artwork is also quite good.
  18. Speedometer/odometer not working

    Generation Three
    Check and clean grounds, especially the one on the thermostat housing Odo and Speedo are driven off of the same signal. If one doesn't work the other won't either. Can you use a phone as a GPS speedometer and see if you can set the cruise control at 35 or 40mph while driving? That will tell...
  19. Short shifter install

    Order replacements from Honda. A local stealership may even have them in stock. The bolts were used on every stick shift car [H] made for something like 30 years. The boot is Integra specific I believe.
  20. FS: B-Series specific top-end tools (valves, seals, cams)

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Still available?
1-20 of 194 Results