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  1. exedy / f1 racing clutches

    i got my exedy full organic stage one off ebay for 260 shipped and i love it... it cost me 500 to get it installed but if you can do it yourself save some money. the stage one is firm, but not terrible (i live in boston so gridlock traffic sucks no matter what clutch you have) but i think for...
  2. Transmission Riddle.. I need an answer!!

    Generation Three
    where is that VSS or speed sensor everyones talking about? i'd love to not have to jack the car up
  3. Transmission Riddle.. I need an answer!!

    Generation Three
    haha everyones under the assumption that I beat on my car. it's interesting though because I don't try to powershift at all... ever. because my gears grind. but if you push the clutch in once to get it out of second, then push it again to get it into 3rd sometimes it won't grind. I payed...
  4. Transmission Riddle.. I need an answer!!

    Generation Three
    oh and I don't redline it before letting it warm up. just once to better understand my circumstance. I take care of my car :]
  5. Transmission Riddle.. I need an answer!!

    Generation Three
    well before I had the clutch put in I changed the fluid to royal purple syncromax (not syncromesh like redline I believe it is) and when the clutch was changed I provided them with mobil 1 transmission fluid I forget the ratio though. the fact that it gets thinner as it warms up makes a hell of...
  6. Transmission Riddle.. I need an answer!!

    Generation Three
    Okay so I've been having some problems with my transmission lately and what's happening doesn't seem to make sense. I started off by developing a grind shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Then a few weeks later, I started getting a grind in second. I recently had an exedy stage one clutch put in...
  7. just got a $250 ticket for tint?

    MA Forum
    hell i'd just bullshit them and photoshop some lighter tint on it, print out some pictures and be like. oh im so sorry i wasnt aware of the percentage allowed, but here are some pictures and ive had the tint redone to a lighter, 35% tint the best kind of arist is a con artist lol
  8. The Mishimoto Warranty

    The TI Pit Area
    Hey i just bought a mishi last month and I LOVE IT. thanks for putting out a great performing product and not some fake POS "racing" bull. anyway glad to know you have our back and its much appreciated!
  9. DC1 ZC BUILDUP from PI!

    Your Integra
    is the front bumper a different color than the rest of the car? is that what you meant by ****ty touch up job or is it just the lighting? looks great though...everyones crazy about all amber corners but im digging the ones you have
  10. project: "Other wife"

    Your Integra
    pics! take some with the new beater. cabriolet FTW!!! hm. i was thinking about selling my car but having over 200k as well, seems like i wont be getting much for it..
  11. post subs and need new songs for me.

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    yeah thats def. a teg. you can see the little trunk light on the top right of the picture...on the driver's side
  12. Running Log: jjkz24's JDM Front GSR / 770whp @31psi

    Your Integra
    lol i think it's funny how it starts out... I just wanted to chill and not really build up cars anymore.... couple pages later... you boost lovin the build man. this is giving me alot of great information as im hardcore n00b for the technical aspect of F.I. GL with everything and cant...
  13. stock or mishimoto rad?

    Generation Three
    ill post pictures of it installed when i get a chance. it looks really sharp :]
  14. stock or mishimoto rad?

    Generation Three
    okay well i finally got the radiator and installed it. I took my old one out, along with the old thermostat, flushed the system, and then put everything back. I'm extremely happy with the operating temperature...I can start my car, not drive it, and have the heat blasting in about 3 minutes and...
  15. CV problem

    Generation Three
    you can get the whole axle shaft piece for something like 70 dollars a piece shipped online. just "google shopping" integra axle shafts...
  16. wtb: LS or GSR cluster

    For Sale Section - Parts
    I have a 95 ls cluster. 95k miles, 45 shipped.
  17. Black teg White track r's/ gold track r's

    Wheels and Tires
    okay....white it is lol thanks for those pictures. they look awesome. anyone know who does a good wheel/tire package on rotas?
  18. Lower radiator lower tube/thermostat bolt

    Generation Three
    haha i know this is a over year old but thats exactly what im doing. couldnt get that bolt off and just gave up for a few...anyone have any new ideas as to how to get to it?
  19. Climate Control lights

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    Link for the lazy
  20. stock or mishimoto rad?

    Generation Three
    just ordered the mishimoto radiator and silicone hose kit on ebay for 260 shipped. not bad considering the hose kit is about 75 and the radiator cant be found for cheeper than 210...i'll post pictures when i get it and get it installed..
1-20 of 147 Results