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  1. Tie Rods? Or just tire balancing?

    Generation Three
    Tried to watch the videos that you attached but the link doesn't work. As for the tire being worn on the inside edge, makes me think that your toe is out of spec on your car. With your passenger front wheel, where are you grabbing the wheel when you are checking for play? 12 and 6 movement will...
  2. TDC Timing without belt?

    Generation Three
    You betcha, have a look at this That videos pretty good, very clear and shows the engine very well. For your question about the tensioner, that shouldn't be tight at all. Get it as loose as you can without it falling off, that will be one of the last things you tighten. Adjusting your cams...
  3. TDC Timing without belt?

    Generation Three
    Well just from watching your video, youre trying to turn your crank with the cams out of phase. The poping to me looks like one cam is letting go (getting over the lobe and then falling) while the other cam gear is in a different phase, (either just making contact with a lobe or is past the...
  4. Moonchies' free integra thread.

    Generation Three
    Id say that's not as bad as it looks from what I can tell, definitely worth the time to get it up and running again. New hood and rad support, but other than that seems pretty straight forward. If the frame is bent that would be a different story but I say give it a go, that's my 2 cents. Cheers
  5. Dash shakes/vibrates when accelerating help!!

    Generation Three
    Hey guys, so I know its been a little while since I got back to you but I've FINALLY figured out my vibration on acceleration and it definitely an overlooked item hahah. So after doing everything I stated up top, I also replaced the inner and outer tie rods on either side. That seemed to solve...
  6. Dash shakes/vibrates when accelerating help!!

    Generation Three
    Thanks for the replies, engine had a complete rebuild, bored to 81.25, new pistons rings, crankshaft balance and polished, the works basically. I just have the stock honda motor mounts, engine mounts looked good, had them inspected. The torque mounts were blown so I swapped those out yesterday...
  7. Dash shakes/vibrates when accelerating help!!

    Generation Three
    I have a 97 itr and just recently rebuilt the motor. The car is pretty low and I'm going to be raising its tomorrow to hopefully solve the issue, but whats going on is that when I'm accelerating, doesn't matter what speed I'm going (can be going from dead stop or 80km/hr) my entire dash shakes...
  8. JDM Headlight Wiring Question

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    Like the title says having some problems with wiring on a JDM Front end conversion. I've read the forums on here and have a pretty general understanding of how to do it. My problem is that Im trying to get the side indicator to stay of when on click 2. Headlights fully on. The shop that did my...
  9. 97 Integra Type R Low Compression Cylinder 4

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hey guys, like the title says I have a 97 Integra Type R with stock B18C5. Love the car and don't plan on ever selling it, but the engine has seen better days. Background, the engine has slowly started to develop some issues with rough idles and recently a really bad vibration that shakes the...
  10. Windsheild defroster not working

    Generation Three
    Hey so Im having a bit of trouble right now. So whenever I put the defroster mode on, the floor and the side vents blow but not the wind shield vents. I hear the motor blowing air and I can feel it but yea no air at all comes from the windshield. When I cycle through the airmodes...
  11. Experiencing Major Problems

    Generation Three
    Hey so I have a 01 Integra GS with a B18c5 swap in it. I have been experience minor bogs and my car will sometimes stall out of no where. Anyways I was driving back from school today and my car just stopped. It died at the intersection and all my lights had turned on. I know how to jump the ECU...
1-11 of 11 Results