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  1. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    Welp, the car is sold. I loved it and learned a ton but got a great deal on an em1. The 92 is on the back burner until I get it to the body shop in September. It's just sitting as a bare wireless shell. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. East Coast Honda Meet

    Generation Three
    Well poop. Just got back from VA. The DA ran great. Hope you guys have a good time.
  3. 91 integra(AWD) possible?

    Generation Two
    or a new Honda for that matter
  4. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    **I will be creating a new thread to log the progress on the 92, guaranteed to have many pics and lots of info! I want to keep this thread just for the black DA. No real changes except for me putting the slips on. Finally I can drive hard through corners without rubbing. I haven't had to...
  5. Picked up a 93' Integra for $650 pretty excited!

    Your Integra
    I'm not a "hater". Those headlights make DA's look like every other cracker jack ghettobox rolling around with unsafe aftermarket lights. Not to mention they are not DOT approved. Then again, that's just my opinion. Thank you!
  6. Picked up a 93' Integra for $650 pretty excited!

    Your Integra
    Nice pickup, please don't put those headlights on though.
  7. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    Did the DIY black housing on the other set of ones. I like this pic
  8. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    I might keep it white. Idk yet. Here's what I've gotten done in the past few days. still need to use dry ice to remove all the sound deadening and do more soldering. The plan is to strip it to a bare shell and then trailer it to the school for paint.
  9. DIY: DA9 jdm one piece black housing headlights

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hello all DA lovers, this is a step by step guide to spice up your one piece headlights. I came across a set that were tired, so I thought they were the perfect candidate for this little project. **I won't cover headlight removal as it is readily available in your Helm's manual or online...
  10. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    Here's what I have to look foward to. I'll be going over all the wiring and soldering everything back together because I know how people are. I bet all these wires are simply twisted together. Also threw a set of slips on the daily
  11. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    Well guys, long time no see. I kinda am trying not to bump my thread every day with dumb little details. Sold all that cheap turbo crap I bought, i don't know what I was thinking. Do it once, do it right, correct? Anywho, ya I'm still alive and the DA is still running strong. I've put about 1000...
  12. Strange "torque steer" condition

    Suspension and Brakes
    Not trying to thread jack, but in my particular situation when cruising down the road straight, the wheel is at 10 o'clock. When I accelerate it jumps right back to 12. It seems like there's just so much slop in the steering. My car was aligned last year, tires are brand new and pressure is to...
  13. Strange "torque steer" condition

    Suspension and Brakes
    I'm having the same issue. Anyone?
  14. Post Black Integra Pics

    Your Integra
  15. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Looking good bud. I finished the swap about a month ago. One question, to wire the reverse lights you simply ran the two wires into the car and connected them to the green/yellow in the 10 pin connector, correct? I did so and they still aren't working.
  16. Stillhere153's MURDERED OUT JDM DB7 v4.0 SOLD

    Your Integra
    Im loving it too! :thumbs_up:
  17. Show off your DA integra!

    Generation Two
  18. Running Log: MorningZ's GSR (the project is complete for me)

    Your Integra
    I request rolling shots of you towing the bike:cool:. See what you can do:popcorn:
  19. Mugen MR5: To rebarrel or widen, that is the question

    Wheels and Tires
    A guy on Honda-Tech is doing the same thing. He sent them to I think he said it costed him around 2k to get it done. :O
  20. hondaguy92's Da9 log- the end

    Your Integra
    Here's a video of me pulling it back into the garage after the test drive I bought some Drag DR-46 wheels 15x7 with a 10mm offset. Also bought some 175 50 15 Nexen tires.
1-20 of 291 Results