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  1. gear position indicator in gauge cluster

    Generation Three
    so anyone confirm what #bulb and if it can be baught at radio shack? need a right up for this haha... it seems to be a fairly common thing for d4 to go out on g3's huh haha none of my other cars ever had that issue =P
  2. where the hawaii members stay?

    HI Forum
    manoa - LS *under construction* so if u see a buss up red one get bondo and stuff that's prolly me haha
  3. Greddy Intelegent Informeter + OBD1 help

    Generation Three
    I baught a 94 LS , I have an intelegent informeter from my old 240sx and i was wondering if anyone else has installed one on an obd1 teg. Im wondering if it can even be installed on an obd1 car. To my knowledge there isnt a diagnostic port for obd1 cars like the obd2 port or nissan consult...
1-3 of 3 Results