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  1. Good ole` "My car won't crank"

    Generation Three
    Oh, I only was changing out plugs and whatnot because everything was functioning fine the night of, and the day after installing the engine. Night of: old battery too late to get new one, still cranked though. Next day: New battery in, still cranked, wouldn't start, so I figured new plugs were...
  2. Good ole` "My car won't crank"

    Generation Three
    I'll try making this one succinct for you guys. I swapped in a b20 into my integra, and the starter won't crank and is instead making one loud clicking sound, as if the solenoid is functioning properly. - Has New battery, negative and positive leads are both very loose and definitely need to...
  3. Battery voltage

    Generation Three
    By being 'out' I'm generalizing that it may have permanently malfunctioning (it's not) in one way or another; it could just need to be cleaned for all I know. The locks not working are a giveaway that they aren't getting power, and my first assumption was the battery. I jump started the car, and...
  4. Battery voltage

    Generation Three
    What I meant by that is my interpretation of what wasn't allowing me to start the car that specific morning. I originally just thought the switch was out for good (mind you that it's the best guess I have to what's causing the other problems) until I checked the locks and realized they didn't...
  5. Battery voltage

    Generation Three
    After surface charge wore off it was 12.9 this morning.
  6. Battery voltage

    Generation Three
    My battery is at 13.4 volts while the car is turned off. This morning, it was dead, no lights or locks were working at all and I had to get jump started. With the motor running, it's at 14.4, and remains at 14.4 (or 14.2, I forgot) with everything turned on. That at least seems pretty normal...
  7. If you had to start fresh with B18a block

    Forced Induction
    Welp, I would start by actually getting a b18 block (I have a b20) Nippon pistons or something used, Eagle rods, ACL bearings. Just bought a built ls head, 404 cams w/dual valve springs, ARP head studs, port/polished. ARP rod bolts too, no need for anything complicated.
  8. Startup Delay

    Generation Three
    Thanks for the help Will this method work to fix it?
  9. Startup Delay

    Generation Three
    Lately I've been having a problem with teg occasionally not having power when I turn the key. I sometimes turn off the car at stoplights (where the first occurrence happened), and now I've began to have this problem where turning the key results in nothing: No power, no lights, nothing (only...
  10. New site look and software upgrade Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    I think 3 words sum up the new site: Not enough ads
  11. Images Needed for new site banner ASAP

    Your Integra
    The people have spoken!
  12. Vtec Head Swap

    I'd be willing to bet thousands
  13. Interior attempt #1

    I think the whole carbon fiber fad is way overrated
  14. Shuudoushi's Project Teggy (Franky [HE'S ALIVE!!! {Again...}])

    Your Integra
    Damn bro, I mean I love my crv B20 in the good ole' DC4, but it's nowhere near blowing the tires off in 2nd. Then again I am running some pretty stiff coils and 205 S-drives, but that JDM b20 sounds pretty badass stock.
  15. Shuudoushi's Project Teggy (Franky [HE'S ALIVE!!! {Again...}])

    Your Integra
    So how did you crack the sleeves with the old motor? Any ideas?
  16. my B20Vtec review

    Generation Three
    Basically itr power with better torque curve, I would say not bad at all. Throw in some cams, perhaps higher comp pistons, IM, and maybe a bit of corn or meth and you'll probably have quite a little monster on your hands
  17. FS: Turbo Kit/Parts

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Man I wondered what happened to your build.
  18. blandsarcasm's incredibly slow and boring gsr k24 build

    Your Integra
    I'm so lost lol Looking nice though : )
  19. Running Log: jjkz24's JDM Front GSR / 770whp @31psi

    Your Integra
    Can't wait to see some vids, if you're planning on posting any
  20. Need Help With My Suspension Setup

    Suspension and Brakes
    Yeah the camber gets pretty extreme when you start getting to wheel tuck height. I'm running 450/450 and love it, pretty stiff but not jarring at all when on bumpy or bad roads.
1-20 of 381 Results