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  1. Air not blowing out of vents hard.

    Generation Two
    you should be able to get some heat flowing by cracking the moonroof and/or windows a bit and make sure recirc is off (i think, try it both ways). worked well for me when i was blowing the underhood blower motor fuse due to honda cheaping out on the blower motor connector so it arced across the...
  2. 00 GS Check Engine Light

    Generation Three
    P1399 HONDA Possible Causes Valve clearance out of range Blocked EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) Passages
  3. Click, click, click, click, vrooooooom

    Generation Three
    grab a solenoid rebuild kit: might also be dirty ignition switch, crack it open and have a look...
  4. 92 Aztec Green GSR Revival.

    Your Integra
    you are doing god's work lol.
  5. AC Compressor

    Generation Three
    according to this it will...
  6. Charging issues need help asap

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    might be as simple ( and cheap if you diy)as replacing the brush assembly:
  7. Replacing leaking power steering rack pipes, not rack.

    Generation Three
  8. Help, Car is falling apart faster then i can fix it!

    Your Integra
    get a myhondahabit oil pan gasket and stud kit:
  9. 97 Integra LS Ignition

    Generation Three
    here's a replacement how to:
  10. How to check timing with timing light?

    Generation Three
    yootoob is your friend:
  11. Is there such a thing as adjustable swaybar endlinks for a 2000 integra?

    Generation Three
    blox is sh*tyy garbage! they sold me a crap tps and did nothing when i complained. i will bash them forever! dorman tps for the win!!!8)
  12. B18C1 GS-R cylinder head

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Pulled from "great running" 98 integra gs-r (former owner's words, can't verify). Includes new honda valve cover gasket with plug seals and grommets/ new intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. $500 for everything includes shipping within continental usa. paypal only! located in sedalia mo. thanks...
  13. 1986 Fuel Pump Question

    Generation One
    looks like i can't pm you but maybe this illustration will help:
  14. 1986 Fuel Pump Question

    Generation One
    i'll pm you a link to a free pdf of the 89 service manual, cant post it here. you can buy one for 86 for less than $20 a real steal:
  15. Ignition timing and bucking

    Generation Three
    check your tps calibration:
  16. 2000 GSR upper & lower control arms

    moog parts are no longer recommended. see this: their stuff is now made in china. bought some of their ball joints and the boots were paper thin...
  17. 98 Integra bogging out,HELP!

    could be time for a new tps. dorman is what i use, forget about ebay brand x or trash brands like blox. be sure to torque it down good or it will drift out of spec and cause the same problem.
  18. Idle and throttle issue

    only ngk or denso sensors are recommended. see this:
  19. Correct way to burp coolant

    Your Integra
    get one of these, totally worth it.
  20. 96 Integra vibrating

    Generation Three
    motor mounts esp front lower was my problem. filled with two tubes of dow window weld from ebay, feels great now.
1-20 of 128 Results