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  1. ? about a sp rule that allows st cars

    Just to clarify, *SP cars do require DOT-approved tires. Tires like the Hoosier A6, Toyo RA-1, and NT01 are all DOT-approved though. You just can't run any full-blown racing slicks. ST* on the other hand require tires with a treadwear rating of 140 or higher.
  2. 225/45/15 on 15x6 LS Mesh

    Wheels and Tires
    I run my EF in ST class (like everyone else). My car came with some 16x7.5" Kosei's so I've had problems finding properly-sized tires. Last season I ran some shaved 205/45/16 RE01-R's because I got them real cheap. This season I'm planning on getting some 15x7 RPF-01's with shaved 205/50/15...
  3. 225/45/15 on 15x6 LS Mesh

    Wheels and Tires
    275/35/15 Hoosier A6's on a 15x6 wheel...
  4. 225/45/15 on 15x6 LS Mesh

    Wheels and Tires
    A 205/50/15 tire would work out better. The 225 would fit, but unless you have a good reason to run that wide a tire with a stock wheel I would avoid it. (Plus your tire mounting guy will hate you) [Edit] An interesting note about the R1R: All the national autox guys have found the 195 to be...
  5. *Teg in 24 Hrs of LeMons!*

    If you have paperwork for under $500 and come up with a good story you'll get through with no penalty laps. "This is the car used by the Bait Car videos, hence the salvage title. We picked it up at police auction for $300, etc..."
  6. *Teg in 24 Hrs of LeMons!*

    I wouldn't worry about the claiming rule. only Jay Lamm (the organizer) can buy it from you. He's only exercised that once: when a team entered a V12 SL Mercedes. I would be more worried about the "People's Curse." As the judges told us, "I don't believe anyone can get a Honda for $500. Every...
  7. Nuerburgring Web Cam - Spotted DC2 R

    The TI Pit Area
    Yeah, everyone should go there at some point in their life. Everyone says that Disney World is the "happiest place on earth," but they obviously haven't been to the Nürburgring I got to do about 5 laps last year in our BMW 320i rental car. Here are some of the integra sightings from my trip
  8. itr wing on a 94 sedan?

    If its a real OEM spoiler all you have to do is drill out the 4 pre-marked holes in the trunk lid.
  9. FYI: Those who Autocross in Stock Class

    That's why you need to keep it as a daily driver. A no power steering, no power locks, no power windows, no abs, no radio, no A/C Civic with loud exhaust and stiff suspension isn't very nice to drive on the street...
  10. FYI: Those who Autocross in Stock Class

    . New class for this year - SMF. Its the same rules as SM, but for front wheel drive cars only. Should make you more competitive in class. At least you won't be up against the AWD rally cars.
  11. FYI: Those who Autocross in Stock Class

    I've pretty much abandoned my HS RS Integra idea after hearing how quickly the type-r guys go through tires (<20 runs per set ). The lack of camber adjustment really hurts. My friend with a HS Saturn SC2 can get ~-3.0 degrees of camber using crash bolts, but as far as I know the teg can't...
  12. FYI: Those who Autocross in Stock Class

    The OEM wheels are 15x6 correct? If so I'm very tempted to pick up a DC4 RS, throw some 275/35/15 Hoosiers on the front and see what it will do
  13. help! 4dr mirrors and 2 drs 94-01 integra

    Generation Three
    I don't believe so. The 4drs have frame-less windows while the 2drs don't.
  14. DSP Integra - "Rivals"

    Here is an interesting discussion that has been going on at roadraceautox about spring rates on fwd cars (specifically Nate Whipple's DSP ITR). Link From experience with my teg and civic I don't agree with the stiffer front setup, but people do have different tastes, so try some things out...
  15. DSP Integra - "Rivals"

    certain 13's will fit. I know of some people running 13x8 lenso drag wheels. I'm not sure what Brad has though
  16. PA Coupon to come Autox Newcomers welcome

    We do have something like this across the country! Check out the SCCA website for the region nearest you Link
  17. DSP Integra - "Rivals"

    I don't see how this can be twisted to say the ASR brace is illegal. I say it is non-standard lateral member between the brackets of the sway-bar.
  18. DSP Integra - "Rivals"

    If you want to go all out, I would get this bar: ASR Bar But the ITR bar would be fine as well.
  19. *Teg in 24 Hrs of LeMons!*

    Yeah, its a ton of fun, but it gets pretty expensive. By the time we got the car, cage, 2 sets of racing brake pads, 2 set of wheels and azenis, fire suits, helmets, and fuel we had 1500+ invested. That with the possibility your car gets totaled/blows up one the first lap.
  20. DSP Integra - "Rivals"

    You are allowed to add the ITR LSD in STX. However, you are not allowed to change transmissions - you must keep the stock gsr transmission. Edit: you are allowed any LSD in STX, not just the ITR one
1-20 of 416 Results