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  1. Shift linkage bushings?

    Generation Three
    Yes! It's #5 in the diagram. It comes in a kit (little bag) from Acura with all the stuff you need to replace this bushing and make your car shift like new again. It does NOT come with the Energy Suspension kit or any other kit... seems like dealer only. It's the cylindrical bushing (with the...
  2. Shift linkage bushings?

    Generation Three
    I know it's been a long time, but in case anyone else was wondering, the bushing was the "T" at the bottom of the shifter. It was ceased and when the mechanic unceased it, the car shifted like BUTTER. Like a brand spankin' new shifter. Was $50 at Acura. So for everyone with "sticky" shifting...
  3. Painting door moldings

    Generation Three
    I heard it's near impossible to take off the door moldings without breaking some clips. I think it's easier to see the clips though if you look from the inside of the door. And I've also seen first hand at a scrap yard (when I asked for the molding for the rear windows) that it is impossible to...
  4. WTB: ITR Axleback exhaust muffler

    Wanted Section - Parts
    Hi all, Looking locally, but no luck, so I'm looking for an ITR axleback muffler. If you got one, please let me know the price + shipping to J0V 1K0 Quebec. Thanks!
  5. Axle back exhausts

    Generation Three
    Thanks for the replies, everyone! The pipe looks shorter, but I guess it should fit. I was expecting a direct bolt-on fit with a JDM ITR stock axle back cuz I have the JDM ITR stock line. :D
  6. Axle back exhausts

    Generation Three
    Haha really? It looks shorter too, though, than my Invidia. So, all Type R mufflers will fit then?? thanks!
  7. Axle back exhausts

    Generation Three
    Hi all, I recently put on a new exhaust system with a JDM pipe (cat to axle) with an Invidia axle back exhaust. I can't stand the sound of it, so I'm wanting to put on a Type R axle back. However! When looking at Type R axle backs, the piping looks completely different. The one I have now has...
  8. opinions on AEM short ram?

    I got mine off of eBay and upgraded from stock air box. The difference was amazing. Way more pep and a killer sound. I also bought the special AEM synthetic filter cleaner (which is actually made by K&N) that comes in a spray bottle, so it's super easy to clean, too.
  9. Shift linkage bushings?

    Generation Three
    Ok it's probably the one from the second pic... do you know where I can get that? Do they make aftermarket ones? What's it called? :) I do have a stock shifter. I've already changed the bushing where the ratchet is on in the 2nd pic with EnergySuspension ones. Thanks a lot!
  10. Shift linkage bushings?

    Generation Three
    Hello, Sorry for no pic, it's the thing in the following picture, in the "T". I already got the other typical shifter bushings, and as mentioned they don't make much diff. I had super tight shifting, and the mechanic that looked at it said "your shifter bushing was all mangled and "stuck"" so...
  11. Shift linkage bushings?

    Generation Three
    Hello, Does anyone know where to find shift linkage bushings? Not the usual EnergySuspension ones, but the ones that go on the actual shift linkage which are held on with a bolt. The one near the tranny is under the little boot that you gotta move. I can't seem to find any anywhere. I even...
  12. Where to buy Type R Spoiler

    I just bought mine locally. I don't know about where you are, but there's plenty of people selling them on local classified sites. I paid $80, sanded it down myself and got it painted for $90. Looks brand new.
  13. Caliper tensioner screws

    Suspension and Brakes
    I would definitely recommend putting some anti-seize on them before screwing them in. :D
  14. Shift rod bushing

    Generation Three
    So I changed the tranny fluid, which helped A BIT. Today I went to the garage to get my clunking tranny checked out, and (totally unrelated) told me my shifter bushing was all twisted/stuck. He lubed it up and put it back to its normal position... and holy ****, it shifts like a new car off the...
  15. Should I buy this used exhaust?

    Generation Three
    Went and bought it all tonight. He started at $500 for the kit, then $400, and after a month, he dropped it to $300, and the price was right for me. Turns out it's 5Zigen headers, OEM JDM pipe, and Invidia Exhaust. Guess he shortened it cuz the headers are USDM and the pipe is JDM. Seems...
  16. Half shaft or axel loose?

    Generation Three
    So I finally put on 2 new axles and a new half shaft... exact same issue. Motor/tranny mounts are good, too. I am almost positive it's something in the tranny now. :(
  17. Should I buy this used exhaust?

    Generation Three
    Yeah I was thinking it's kind of weird, too, that he had to shorten it. He says though that the pipe is JDM... so if the headers are USDM, I would assume he did have to shorten it? I figured if it fits a 97-01 "RS", it should definitely fit my 01 GSR then... as I'm pretty sure they're all the...
  18. Should I buy this used exhaust?

    Generation Three
    Hi all, So the guy I bought my car from had a turbo, but it broke and he took it off, leaving the 3 inch exhaust line with no cat. I'm looking to replace it all with a Type R exhaust. I found one locally, it has the Type R pipe and unknown headers. So I have 2 questions: Would the axle back...
  19. Shift rod bushing

    Generation Three
    Is there any way to check the pressure plate without opening up the tranny? Any other symptoms? Same question for needing to bleed the clutch. Everything clutch-wise seems OK. Usually when I put it in gear the second time (take it out and put it right back in) it goes in like butter. =\ And...
  20. Half shaft or axel loose?

    Generation Three
    It's hard to tell what's moving. I just know there's a lot of play, and I have a new drive axle on there now. So unless I got a totally defective axle, the intermediate shaft could be the only thing causing the looseness there now. :) I'm so anxious to get the new intermediate shaft on there...
1-20 of 253 Results