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  1. CV Axle Lock Ring

    Generation Two
    I need to replace the CV Axle lock rings. Does anyone have a part number or any idea where I can find out what I need to use to replace them? Any info helps. Thanks in advance.
  2. micro scratches on windshield causing a lot of glare at night

    A little trick I learned from one of my buddies who restores classics is the finest steel wool you can and use that with your window cleaner product. It works great. Even used it on tint before and it didnt damage the glass or tint. Actually stripped the nicotine and tar from my buddies...
  3. Follower Screw & Locknut Issue

    Generation Two
    For future reference for anyone heat works amazing. Used a small cheap $20 chef's butane torch and it worked so well.
  4. Follower Screw & Locknut Issue

    Generation Two
    Tried that to no success sadly.
  5. Aftermarket intake manifold to throttle body

    Generation Two
    I would sand down the ridge regardless to help with airflow. Also, ensure that you finish with a high grit sand paper to give it almost a polished type finish.
  6. Performance upgrade order

    If you're trying to go for a more efficient version of what you currently have a good ignition system is critical. A higher rated ignition coil is going to build more voltage causing an increase in spark temperature which will help to more efficiently burn the Air Fuel Mixture. A coil on plug...
  7. Follower Screw & Locknut Issue

    Generation Two
    During a valve adjustment I came across a screw that is seized inside of a locknut for my follower (rocker arm). I'm really not trying to replace my follower. Does anyone have any ideas. I'm currently letting it soak overnight with some penetrating oil to hopefully help break up any schmutz in...
1-7 of 7 Results