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  1. FS: 96 LS

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Ive had my teg for almost two years now and have had nothing but bad luck with it. Accident, break in, and now I have ten outstanding tickets resulting in my license being suspended for the next 18 months. Since I dont have a license for the time being, theres no point in me having a car. The...
  2. Post Up 94-97 Fronts!!

    Your Integra
  3. got my new integra

    Your Integra
    this thread is probably gonna get blocked soon...
  4. Holiday Wishlists-Tegs Only

    Your Integra
    oh and ide also like a valentine police scanner for myself. considering ive gotten 8 tickets in the past couple months.
  5. Holiday Wishlists-Tegs Only

    Your Integra
    for xmas this year my teg wants... -apexi headers -spark plugs and wires -megan strut and tie bars
  6. LI meet before 08?

    NY Forum
    as long as im off work ide be down.
  7. FS: Set of 14inch steelies

    For Sale Section - Parts
    how much shipping to 11735? im very intrested.
  8. FS: 95 Integra GSR TURBO

    For Sale Section - Parts
    $5500 for a turboed gsr?! damn i wish i didnt already have a teg. that thing would already be in my driveway
  9. wanted: steelies/winter wheels

    For Sale Section - Parts
    snow has already hit here in NY and im sure theres more to come. i need to get myself some steelies or any other winter wheels you've got ASAP. message me if you have anything
  10. testing waters. 96 LS

    For Sale Section - Parts
    i got another two tickets today for tints and my exhaust being too loud. thats seven tickets in the last couple months. im getting tired of cops going hard on me. especially since the same cop gave me 4/7 of those tickets. this car is bad luck. first it was broken into. then somebody hit me on...
  11. testing waters. 96 LS

    For Sale Section - Parts
    somebody from queens. $80 didnt fit right though
  12. testing waters. 96 LS

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Im thinking about selling my teg and moving onto either another integra or a civc hatchback. Just looking to see what you guys think I could get for it.... Its a 96 LS w/107K and a flawless body. Just painted this summer. Current Mods: - Apexi Headers - Apexi N1 Full Exhaust - Injen...
  13. My new NHBP 2000 GS (update page 2!)

    Your Integra
    nice clean find. good luck
  14. WTB: stock intake parts

    For Sale Section - Parts
    I've got an entire stock intake from my 96 ls. ill give you it for free just pay shipping and its yours
  15. My '97 LS *12/8 New Lip, Hood, etc. Pg3*

    Your Integra
    ive got those same halo projector lights with regular old fogs to go along with them. those halo fogs are sweet. hows the output? is it as bad as the halos?
  16. kobe vs fat 5's

    i have those same wheels keep em. i thought about trading mine for slipstreams or gt3's but i decided to keep mine. im tucking on them and their fine
  17. Apexi N1 exhaust stock slant?

    i have the apexi n1 and it dosnt have much of a bend and it rubs against my bumper therefore melting my bumper which of coarse isnt good. if i take it to a shop would they be able to slant it? i need it lowered down because it rubs and then sideways just to show it off :p
  18. quick shots of my teg.

    yea honestly i wish i had converted the front bumper but at this point it is'nt worth it. ide have to switch out my halos, corners, fogs, lip and get it all repainted. not worth it in my opinion. so ill just settle for my 94-97 front ha
  19. FS: 98 JDM DC2 *CHEAP*

    For Sale Section - Parts
    if i didnt already have a teg and i had $11,000 that car would already be mine. beautiful car good luck
  20. How many times have you been pulled over?

    The TI Pit Area
    pulled over 9 times in the last 2 months 6 tickets
1-20 of 117 Results