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  1. Moonchies' free integra thread.

    Generation Three
    Not bad looking at all. I say go for it.
  2. My Build: Shaved,Tucked,JRSC,JDM RHD

    Your Integra
    I randomly came across this. Did this guy finish his build elsewhere? I really want to see it. Such a sick build.
  3. B20 swap header issue

    Forced Induction
    I'd just go to an exhaust shop. I can't imagine they would charge you more than $100 to fix that. I'm not sure the issue, but yea that's very low! Almost seems like a hanger or something broke.
  4. Broken lug nut, any suggestions?

    Generation Three
    Can you take another picture zoomed out? I have no clue what I'm looking at.
  5. Hey guys! 99 acura integra

    Your Integra
    I agree. Usually the alternator can no longer charge the battery and the car will die while you are driving.
  6. 96 RS MT Suddenly Running Rough

    Generation Two
    Thats a lot to read, but I think it's a timing issue. Possibly a distributor issue (incorrect install or bad) or maybe even the camshaft sensor?
  7. Replaced headlamps but the adjuster doesn’t work

    Generation Three
    I'm aware, but he said its not moving. I was simply saying, try to loosen it up. It mechanism might be corroded.
  8. Help broken/cut off fuel line

    Your Integra
    Yea you snapped that thing man. You need to order a whole new line or find one at a junkyard. There is no repairing that. Also get a new fuel filter while you are at it.
  9. Bad ignition switch??

    Generation Three
    Did you actually switch out the ignition switch already? I had a slightly different issue. I could start the car, but once I let go of the key it would shut off. So I'd have to hold the key to keep it running lol. Maybe your ignition switch is failing before it even lets you start. It's super...
  10. Looking to buy a intergra

    Generation Three
    ooof they are asking $2500 for a salvaged title integra. That's quite pricey imo. I'd low ball them to hell to be honest. Do you know why it's salvaged, it should show on a free vin look up. I mean IDK where you live, but there has got to be another choice.
  11. Major power loss over 5% throttle when hot/limp mode? Help!!

    Generation Three
    Did you check your actual spark plugs? I would have guessed the ICM (ignitor) or coil, but you said you replaced them. It can only be ignition, fuel, or electrical. When you say lose power completely, does that mean the radio is shutting off too? That would make me think your battery has a...
  12. Transfer Hondata S200 Chip Tune to S300

    Generation Three
    There is a chance the format might be different and of course you can't read the bin file, but you shouldn't need to. It's interpreted by the hondata and it reads it, since it's computer code. I'm not familiar enough with the upgrade, so I couldn't tell you how to update. BUT I do know Hondata...
  13. Looking to buy a intergra

    Generation Three
    Lets try that question again: Buying 1998 integra with 161k miles for ____ (put price in blank). Is that a good deal?
  14. Transmission Speed Sensor

    Advanced Tech Corner
    lol you mentioned everything I would have told you to do, so....... You don't seem like a dummy, glad you got it running.
  15. Transmission Speed Sensor

    Advanced Tech Corner
    Get the right speed sensor? You clearly found the issue.
  16. DIY: The No BS Bolt on Big brakes for RS/GS/LS/GSR

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I believe so, it's the actual number stamped on the calipers. I have been trying to do more research on it, and it's possible that the rear prelude bracket might be slightly different than the type-r, but I haven't seen any solid answers on it. I think I might be going to the junk-yard this...
  17. Stuck in 3rd gear

    New Member Section
    It could be several things. I'd check in this order. It honestly sounds hydraulic so I'm guessing slave or clutch master. slave cylinder (leaky or blown seals internally) clutch master cylinder (leaky or blown seals internally) bent clutch fork (unlikely) clutch failure Tranmission
  18. APEXi WS2 cat-back on 4-door LS

    Generation Three
    Is there a difference between the ls and gsr 4 door? Besides the engine? I'd assume it would fit. Ahhhh NVM I see, The LS will be slightly longer due to the header. I think you need GSR header and full exhaust or it will end up being to long. So buy some cheap ebay gsr header :)
  19. DIY: The No BS Bolt on Big brakes for RS/GS/LS/GSR

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Since someone brought this back from the dead, I kind of made a small discovery (I think) that I haven't seen anywhere. From what I see, the prelude and Integra type R have the exact same calipers for BOTH front and back with bleed valves facing up. This would also mean you could just order the...
  20. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Ok so just making a quick reply. Hope they increase the edit option above 24 hours, especially when a build thread gets large, it's nice to be able to edit the first post with links to different build sections. Also fixing broken past images, although with the new image feature this will become...
1-20 of 21 Results