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  1. My All-Motor LS Drag Project

    Your Integra
    Get a new intake pipe. That flange looks nasty where it connects to the TB.
  2. quick vid of my integra

    Your Integra
    Damn that was quick.
  3. wtb ngk spark plugs and wires

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Yeah go NGK platinum. has very good prices. 10 bucks for 4 plugs and 35 for wires..
  4. My cleaned interior pics,NEW NIGHT PICS!

    Your Integra
    damn. Whered you get the gauge pod
  5. Disapointing Dyno Today

    Can you make that pic bigger? Its so small =p
  6. shore96teg's log: FOR SALE!

    Your Integra
    I had to take the axle nut off my parts teg to get the axles and I ended up using a 4 foot long breaker bar. Didn't stand a chance =)
  7. FS: MANY PARTS FOR SALE *pics* Update!

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Magnaflow car fits what?

    Suspension and Brakes
    Looks pretty tempting though.
  9. megan header leak, fix? or get new header

    Reuse the stock gasket if you can. The one they send with the header is pointless.
  10. my Ls got a new face.

    Your Integra
    My suspension work was a the biggest PITA. But hey.
  11. password ek fog lights + stock brackets?

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    If someone could get the actual brack schematic or something I could make it out of sheet metal and try that. But I already cut up my bumper so I am not sure how well I could get it to work. But I am satisfied with my work
  12. password ek fog lights + stock brackets?

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I mounted the EK's you linked there just by bending the top of the bracket back and drilling it into the top part of the bumper. It looks pretty ghetto up close but they are very sturdy. They arent aimed perfectly straight but the lights cross eachothers path so they illuminate just fine. I...
  13. Ogura clutch or De-cat pipe

    Generation Three
    Well he can just put the test pipe on when he goes to the track and put the OEM cat back on when hes done. Its not difficult
  14. rsx guage cluster on integra?

    You could possible just get the guage faces over onto a DC cluster as trying to fit that entire thing could be a PITA
  15. Looking to buy Teg for around $3500

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Yeah I found my teg on craiglist and it was a great deal.
  16. who's car is this?

    Your Integra
    Loving the shaved valve cover!
  17. Post Your Drag Rims!

    Wheels and Tires
    15" DR-23s
  18. Pics of my 2001 LS

    Your Integra
    Wheel size?
  19. Hytech Installed - Ground Clearance?

    Get a carsound cat
  20. skunk2 sport shocks... new?

    Suspension and Brakes
    Anyone using these with lowering springs? Hows the ride?
1-20 of 197 Results