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  1. Oil Filter!

    Advanced Tech Corner
    What was the oil level before you changed the oil, and how many quarts came out?
  2. B20 swap lowish idle

    Generation Three
    Have you attempted to adjust idle yet?
  3. Rims need help

    Car of the Month
    While I don't have an answer to your question, but wouldn't you want to ask and research this before ordering?
  4. B16A head on B18B

    Your Integra
    Please search first: LS/VTEC Conversion
  5. 96 spec type r, need advice

    Get rid of that VAFC. Those were used a very long time ago as a piggy-back solution, when other tuning solutions weren't yet available. There's a ton of other products (Hondata for example) that you can have a full tuning solution. VAFC's have no ignition controlling, and most shops won't...
  6. Turbo my integra

    The automatic transmissions are not built or have the capability to accept the gains that a turbo will add to the vehicle, without investing a good amount of $$$. If this is a route you're considering, than converting to a 5-speed would be your best bet.
  7. does anyone have any spare parts for a '93 Acura Integra?

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Letting the forum know what "spare parts" you're looking for, could prove to be helpful for other members.
  8. B18c retainers. Help/advice

    Your response to the valve springs is correct, but the retainers themselves are the same. As far as JDM vs USDM, no difference.
  9. B18c retainers. Help/advice

    #1. OEM retainers for any 94-01 USDM B18C1 (GSR) OR C5 (Type R) will work. They're all the same. #2. If you're supercharged, then you need to get it tuned.
  10. Mystery Cap/Gasket

    Generation Three
    Camshaft seal/cap
  11. Aftermarket Alpine Alarm system help

    Your Integra
    More than likely, up underneath the dash. Pull the bottom panel, and possibly the gauge cluster, and start looking around.
  12. Idle and throttle issue

    What ECU?
  13. Correct way to burp coolant

    Your Integra
    When members have input, and time, they'll reply. This isn't a "Users are standing by to answer your questions". Additionally, this is an Integra forum. They're dying, being crashed, or scrapped, and many, many years old. The site was bigger 10+yrs ago. People have moved on to other...
  14. Correct way to burp coolant

    Your Integra
    Driving is fine. If you've been driving for several days, any air would've found its way out by now. Top off the coolant if it's not already filled to the top of the radiator....and you're done.
  15. Weird codes for stock b18b1

    Generation Three
    Yes, that's definitely a GSR ECU. Swapping that out should solve your issues.
  16. Weird codes for stock b18b1

    Generation Three
    What ECU is in the vehicle?
  17. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Is the "Blog" location that you have above the new location for our articles? Additionally, how would a member know to go to "Blog" in order to find these articles?
  18. 96 Integra vibrating

    Generation Three
    Vibration: Tires could have flat spots Tires could be out of balance Engine mount(s) could need replaced CV joint could need replaced Noise Wheel bearings could need replaced Brake disc shield could be rubbing against the rotor
  19. Replaced headlamps but the adjuster doesn’t work

    Generation Three
    He's talking about the adjusters on his headlights, not door locks.
1-20 of 198 Results