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  1. What Did you pay for your Teg?

    The TI Pit Area
    Officially... $1
  2. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Well, I'm finally setting my mind to fix this damn shaking! From what I can remember, it started doing it after I did my 5 speed swap. Car used to shake under acceleration, especially in 2nd and 3rd gear, but is fixed now probably from swapping to Raxles axles, bushing kit, and a handful of...
  3. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    I'm at Southern Union right now but yeah I still live in Auburn
  4. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Thanks dude!
  5. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Scored a new set of wheels yesterday! 16x7 +42 5Zigen Pro Racer GN+'s in hyper black with 205/45 tires with ~1000 miles on them, so pretty much brand new. Wheels have a scuff here and there and a couple chips but look flawless from 3ft away. Oh, and I only paid $500 ;) when they sell for $270...
  6. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Turns out the clunking was my front left camber arm. The sliding ball joint came loose so I pulled it back out all the way again (how we did it when we aligned it, both sides ended up right at -2) and tightened it down and the other side. Also found out my passenger wheel bearing is in...
  7. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Camber kit in and aligned to -2 front and -2.5 rear. Handles MUCH better now. On another note, I'm getting a strange clunk form the front end (what sounds like the driver side) when turning at low-ish speeds. I'm suspecting the ball joint in my eBay camber kit has finally crapped out. Here's a...
  8. your relationship with your integra

    Your Integra
    I love my baby, but we have our moments. Even now it needs a new trans, A/C switch, power steering makeover, outer tie rods, and some other stuff. And to be even more honest, I hate 99% of the Honda scene because it's diluted with ghetto backyard mechanics who will screw you over in a sale of...
  9. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Got my BWR rear camber kit in! Feels really nice and well built. Hopefully I can set up a day to get her aligned next week.
  10. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Yeah I'm on like 7 different forums haha
  11. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Couple my dad snapped when I was home a week or so ago
  12. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Ordered a BWR rear camber kit today so hopefully within the next week or so I can get this ridiculous camber straightened out. Also thinking about raising the car a hair more before. Any suggestions on a camber setup? I was thinking -1.5 front and -1 rear.
  13. 4 DOOR TEGS (DB's)...

    Your Integra
  14. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Got tagged in a couple more
  15. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Got a couple more pics from some people. Excuse the chipping paint in the bay and the tape on the windshield. I had a sign on there saying my wheels were for trade but when the guy took the pic it had blown off haha
  16. My first Integra. Opinions?

    Your Integra
    15x9's? Damn. That's pretty wide for a teg haha. Overall looking, not too bad. Tires make the wheels look too small but I get the purpose of them being so tiny.
  17. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Pics from IA! And new wheels! Going to get the retarded amounts of camber corrected this week probably and then in the near future I'll repaint them to a nice silver!
  18. Water coming from muffler?

    Generation Three
    LOL one of my neighbor's kids did that to his Honda 50cc dirtbike
  19. Teggykid Running Log

    Your Integra
    Well I got my rear tires swapped, camber wear was pretty bad haha. Also FINALLY figured out why my car shakes between 70-80mph while installing my new Raxles axle yesterday. I think before it was ****ty axles, but now it's this: Yeah, that's my diff bearing if I'm not mistaken. It's not doing...
  20. SouthrnFresh and Import Alliance Atlanta, GA

    GA Forum
    I'll be there in the teg. Would be cool to meet some more Integra guys. Never really meet many in person haha. I've usually been the only one :( You can catch my baby, she look likes this: If any of you guys have awesome photography skillz, please snap a few of her, I'd like to have some...
1-20 of 487 Results