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  1. [NH] volscout88's for sale thread(90-91 OEM LIP KIT!!! DC2 CAT & manuals)

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Lip kit sold!! make an offer. i need the rest gone!
  2. [NH] volscout88's for sale thread(90-91 OEM LIP KIT!!! DC2 CAT & manuals)

    For Sale Section - Parts
    bumper plugs sold! everything else still for sale! someone get on this lip kit!
  3. Mileage on your Integra

    The TI Pit Area
    my 05 rsx-s is about to roll over 23k
  4. BC: 1992 GSR for sale(DB2, B17A)

    For Sale and Wanted - Cars
    clean db2! wish i didnt sell mine. im hoping for a frost white one in the near future. maybe a black cdm one like yours if it were to ever pop up in montreal above me lol. good luck with the sale!
  5. Master Key for integra?

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    the 4 door rear exterior door handle covers are a direct fit for the 3 door model
  6. My 1992 GS-R

    Your Integra
    I love DB2s. your car looks very clean and cared for. I wish I still had mine. More pics please!
  7. Poll: What do you do for a living?

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    24 - Part owner and operator of a carbon fiber and composite material distributer - night time applebees server/bartender - Custom carbon & composite plug(stretched ear/gauges jewelry) builder
  8. Dragon Run 12: The Recap

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    congrats Steve, sounds like a fun trip!
  9. 92-93gsr how tell if transmission orignal?

    Generation Two
    im pretty sure it just says ys1 unfortunately. ls and gsr are stamped the same but gsr is short geared.
  10. new here, my 93 GSR

    Your Integra
    so clean man! looks gorgeous.
  11. volscout88's running log(RSX Content)

    Your Integra
    Thanks man , tooke me a bit to find haha a couple others slipped through my fingers but im very happy with the turn out
  12. volscout88's running log(RSX Content)

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    So once again its been a little while. living life. As for an update I had been on a long search for a new dc2 after totaling my dvp dc2(still grieving over). all the while doing this my db2 received little to know love at all. I still own the db2 due to some buyer flake outs but I ended up...
  13. SUPER Clean da9 build thread!

    Your Integra
    very clean teg man. spoiler looks good.