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  • Benito89 ·
    Can you help me find a thread or form of information that shows how to properly wire my AIT sensor into the pinouts of the underdash wire harness that plugs into the ECU? My situation is a CODE 10 and I've replaced the IAT and O2 sensors and I still have the ECU throwing that code... I traced the wires back down to the ecu and I noticed the wires to the IAT sensor are hanging loose, I know I have to install the sensor in the D15 pinout or I can just tap it into D11 pinout on the P72 OBD1 ECU. I just dont know how to properly prep the wire... HELP!!!
    [email protected] ·
    i recently bought a 96 civic ex with a full gsr swap but it isnt running up to snuff...i need some help and thought maybe you could help? its ben fully built and bored to a 2.0 but it is non turboed! the problem is that ill only be at about fifty five hundred rpm's in third gear doing about 110 mph and it will start cutting out like as if its red lining...even if i shift it into fourth gear it doesnt go any faster! what could be the problem?
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