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  1. What Did you pay for your Teg?

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    Officially... $1
  2. Teggykid Running Log

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    Well, I'm finally setting my mind to fix this damn shaking! From what I can remember, it started doing it after I did my 5 speed swap. Car used to shake under acceleration, especially in 2nd and 3rd gear, but is fixed now probably from swapping to Raxles axles, bushing kit, and a handful of...
  3. Teggykid Running Log

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    I'm at Southern Union right now but yeah I still live in Auburn
  4. Teggykid Running Log

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    Thanks dude!
  5. Teggykid Running Log

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    Scored a new set of wheels yesterday! 16x7 +42 5Zigen Pro Racer GN+'s in hyper black with 205/45 tires with ~1000 miles on them, so pretty much brand new. Wheels have a scuff here and there and a couple chips but look flawless from 3ft away. Oh, and I only paid $500 ;) when they sell for $270...
  6. Teggykid Running Log

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    Well, been lazy about updating this, but here's some news! Transmission blew up! Haha. Started making some noises while turning and I could feel the fighting me trying to pull the other way. Borrowed a friend's 240 to go to work and later that night when he dropped me off at my place I told him...
  7. Teggykid Running Log

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    Turns out the clunking was my front left camber arm. The sliding ball joint came loose so I pulled it back out all the way again (how we did it when we aligned it, both sides ended up right at -2) and tightened it down and the other side. Also found out my passenger wheel bearing is in...
  8. Teggykid Running Log

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    Camber kit in and aligned to -2 front and -2.5 rear. Handles MUCH better now. On another note, I'm getting a strange clunk form the front end (what sounds like the driver side) when turning at low-ish speeds. I'm suspecting the ball joint in my eBay camber kit has finally crapped out. Here's a...
  9. your relationship with your integra

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    I love my baby, but we have our moments. Even now it needs a new trans, A/C switch, power steering makeover, outer tie rods, and some other stuff. And to be even more honest, I hate 99% of the Honda scene because it's diluted with ghetto backyard mechanics who will screw you over in a sale of...
  10. Teggykid Running Log

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    Got my BWR rear camber kit in! Feels really nice and well built. Hopefully I can set up a day to get her aligned next week.
  11. Teggykid Running Log

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    Yeah I'm on like 7 different forums haha
  12. Teggykid Running Log

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    Couple my dad snapped when I was home a week or so ago
  13. Teggykid Running Log

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    Ordered a BWR rear camber kit today so hopefully within the next week or so I can get this ridiculous camber straightened out. Also thinking about raising the car a hair more before. Any suggestions on a camber setup? I was thinking -1.5 front and -1 rear.
  14. 4 DOOR TEGS (DB's)...

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  15. My first Integra. Opinions?

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    15x9's? Damn. That's pretty wide for a teg haha. Overall looking, not too bad. Tires make the wheels look too small but I get the purpose of them being so tiny.