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  1. Meet?

    SC Forum
    Hey Charleston and surrounding areas me and my 97 ls work in progress would love to meet up with other tegs, I work Sunday thru Wednesday, so Thursday Friday and Saturday would be best for me if interested shoot me a msg and lets organiz a Teg meet and possible cruse around town
  2. Front bumber

    Wanted Section - Parts
    Hey I'm looking for a number for my 98 usdm integra ls I'm in South Carolina, anyone selling let me know how much and all the details plz
  3. 97 Acura integra ls 4 door

    Your Integra
    Thnx o far in my head iv got bout 8 grand in stuff I want to do and that's just cosmetics, she is guna be a slow project, due to money, and bills and taking care of the family cuz that comes first and all but I'll keep updating
  4. 1BAD1integra 4/18/16 clock pod and gauge install

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    Nice, such a sexy little thing keep up the sweet work
  5. 97 Acura integra ls 4 door

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    Hey guys iv as the title says a 97 integra ls 4 door. It's got the b18b1 with an 98 integra intake manifold and a short ram and intake, a 1.75" lowing kit on Megan racing springs. She is definitely a work in progress, as u can tell in the pics, let me know what u think, good and bad.
  6. my 97 teg L's

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    Here she is
  7. my 97 teg L's

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    Hey everyone my first post here just wanted to show u what iv got. Murasaki is a 97 4door automatic integra LS, sitting around 160k, short ram intake, lowered 1.75" on Megan racing springs, new timing belt, fuel pump and one other thing that has slipped my mind. Currently not starting, possibly...