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  1. Looking to replace stolen parts

    Wanted Section - Parts
    I might have some of the parts you're after from my 97 LS. Off the top of my head, I am certain I have: -Stock LS intake - including the intake box below the fender, the intake arm w/air filter, and the filter cover housing. -OEM manual shift knob. -OEM radio with tape player. I'm 99%...
  2. WTB: Brand new transmission

    Wanted Section - Parts
    I have a B16 hydro transmission that is in very good shape for an upgrade/rebuild. I learned a ton about out transmissions working on it. PM if interested!
  3. FS: 1997 B18B1 LS Long Block w/engine stand - $200

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Price lowered! I've got some other stuff too that's not listed... LS springs, stock rear sway bar w/end links, GSR stock intake manifold, and some other stock 97 LS stuff.
  4. WTB complete power steering for B18C

    Wanted Section - Parts
    Where are you located? I have a PS pump and reservoir. I might have the high pressure hose and some parts of the cooler. It's off a 97 LS which should be identical for a B18C
  5. 97 Integra Overheating Issues

    Generation Three
    The OEM ones work, but I've read that they have a plastic rail on top that can fail over time. Mishimoto makes fantastic radiators. They are a little bigger but will fit easily in our cars. You do need to get their slim factor fan shroud because the stock fans are way too big. I have a...
  6. TDC marks not lining up before t-belt removal

    Generation Three
    If your cams are at TDC with allen keys in the cam grooves (which is the correct thing to do), the pistons will not hit the valves. Cylinders 2 and 3 will be at BDC so they are far away. No chance of contact there. Cylinder 1 is on the compression stroke so the valves are completely closed...
  7. RIP Diana Gilboy (MorningZ's Wife)

    The TI Pit Area
    Absolutely tragic. My heartfelt condolences for your loss.
  8. FS: 1997 B18B1 LS Long Block w/engine stand - $200

    For Sale Section - Parts
    I've lowered the price on the block and have added an LS B-pipe for sale w/pics. PM if interested. Thanks!!!
  9. Catalytic Converter Advice?

    Generation Three
    Our cars have MAP sensors, not MAF. P0171 indicates a lean condition. Curious that the tech says there's no power going to the O2 sensors. I would think you'd get sensor heater failures if that was the case. Alternatively, you might have an open/short in the signal line. Check the harness...
  10. FS: 1997 B18B1 LS Long Block w/engine stand - $200

    For Sale Section - Parts
    Well, it's finally time to pull the trigger and sell the block from my once all original LS. I'm the original owner of the car and this block. It's served me extremely well before I got into this site and put in a B18C1. I had planned to rebuild this block into an LS/VTEC but never got around...
  11. Integra gsr Mtf change

    Generation Three
    Nope. VSS is one 10mm bolt + the electrical connector. It's super easy to put back in. You don't have to line anything up. Shove it in place and wiggle it a little. Then line up the bolt and screw it down. Before removing the VSS, I recommend blasting the area around the VSS with...
  12. Help with brakes!

    Generation Three
    You will need need new rotors too, and will need to thoroughly bleed the system. I hope you haven't been driving the car after you heard the snap sound. If the piston did come loose, you could be leaking brake fluid and that would be extremely dangerous to both you, and other drivers on the road.
  13. Need Advice on parts

    Call an Acura service department to find out if there is a reputable body shop in your area. Then call the body shop and ask for info where you can buy the parts you're after. Usually those guys have ways of getting body parts in quick order. I don't know if they'll charge you a finders fee...
  14. 2000 LS no start - need advanced troubleshooting

    Generation Three
    Good troubleshooting so far. I think you're on the right track in thinking it's a fuel delivery problem. Try this. Prime the fuel system. Then crack the fuel pulsation damper nut on the fuel rail and check for fuel spray. If you have spray, this means fuel is getting all the way to the...
  15. VTEC won't engage 97 GSR

    Your Integra
    Test the VTEC solenoid to ensure it's working properly.